Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4244

With several people entering cultivation.

Lin Mo then hurriedly left the house, and after inquiring about Hu Quan’s movements, he headed towards the big mountain.

Just as he approached the waterfall, the sound of screaming came out in his ears.

“Holy sh*t!”

This was followed by a clear sound of falling water.

After Lin Mo arrived, Hu Quan was leading a few people to jump over the waterfall.

Each of them looked as orderly as if they were dumplings.

The only thing that was abrupt was that there were still quite a few people who were not used to coming over.

As they fell, they screamed and screamed.

Once on shore, a few people flocked together and started chatting.

“Ah Brother Hu! How much longer are you planning to jump over here?”

Tomb One asked tentatively.

This time, Hu Quan continued to just hold up a finger in front of the few brothers.

When Tomb One saw this familiar scene, his emotions instantly sank and his face was full of bitterness.

“Again, is it going to keep jumping?”

Only this time, Hu Quan shook his head in an unconventional manner.

“Naturally it can’t be all the way here!”

“So what are we going to do next, then?” Tomb One asked with some anticipation.

After these few days of training, it wasn’t as if the few people hadn’t gained anything.

Although their bodies were all soaked and swollen, no one would be injured by the huge impact anymore.

This also shows that their bodies are becoming more and more hardened.

But such an improvement was far less than normal cultivation for them.

That was why Tomb One had this question.

At this moment, only Hu Quan was seen pointing calmly further up.

“There is another waterfall nearly a hundred metres away on which side, and I have already ordered my men to come and clean it up.”

“Crap, forget I said that!” Tomb One’s white eyes rolled up, filled with helplessness.

This kind of boring and slow-growing cultivation method was really hard for him to accept.

A few of the other brothers were also reluctant.

If it wasn’t for Tomb One holding them down, they would have shrugged it off.

Compared to Tomb One and the others who were tired, Hu Quan was full of anticipation.

These few short days of training, coupled with the four sects of body refining techniques taught to him by Lin Mo.

Now Hu Quan could already clearly feel that his physical body was getting stronger and stronger.

And his qi was also growing exponentially.

Only there had been no time to test it, and he now had no idea how strong he really was.

“Alright, brothers, let’s get on with it!”

Tomb One got up and arranged to somewhat reluctantly.

However, before his words could fall, Lin Mo had already quietly arrived behind a few people.

“Mr. Lin!”

Tomb One looked startled at the sight of Lin Mo and hurriedly rose to salute him.

At the same time, his heart was flustered.

If his words and actions had just been seen by Mr. Lin, would it cause Mr. Lin’s displeasure.

Thankfully, his worries were completely superfluous.

After Lin Mo nodded, he spoke straightforwardly.

“I’m now taking you all to enjoy a great opportunity, hurry up and follow!”

After saying this, he turned around and left the place.

Behind him, Tomb One Hu Quan and the others were unclear though.

But since Lin Mo had said that it was a great opportunity, how could they possibly let it go.

A whole lot of people grabbed the road and chased after them, a few of them even didn’t even have time to put on their clothes and directly darted over.

It was also just after Lin Mo led Hu Quan and the others to rush back to this side of the house.

Outside the main gate, Feng Wu Huo was already waiting.

Lin Mo didn’t need to guess to know.

It must have been the medicinal spirit aura that erupted from this Thousand Year Human Head Crow that had attracted this old man over.

As expected, the moment the two sides met.

Feng Wu Huo asked with a face full of curiosity.

“Doctor Sage Lin, I have just sensed a sudden appearance of a dense aura on your side.”

“But Miss Xuelian has made another breakthrough.”

Apart from Xue Lian’s eighth-grade white lotus, he could only in not think of another spiritual herb that could burst out with such pure medicinal spirit Qi.