Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4243

It was only after Lin Mo heard the commotion from downstairs that he reacted.

“Holy crap!”

This thousand year old Human Head Crow had been sealed for an unknown number of years.

The medicinal spirit Qi that Solan erupted from casually inhaled, but it was comparable to precious spiritual herbs.

For Gongsun Tie, whose body was close to collapse, it was a deadly poison.

But for a group of martial artists like them, it was a rare cultivation treasure!

What a sin to create!

Lin Mo secretly condemned.

Just in the process of treating Gongsun Tie just now, there was no telling how much medicinal spirit Qi had drifted away from the door and window.

Deng! Deng! Deng!

The sound of hurried footsteps came and Ma Bond and the others were awakened.

When they looked in unison at the stairway, Lin Mo had already arrived in front of them with red eyes.

“Don’t even bother cultivating, hurry up and seal all the doors and windows of this entire room for me before you do!”

He was worried that several people did not know the importance of the matter, and added another sentence.

“If this medicinal spirit energy is dissipated, it’s not really there anymore!”

At these words, Ma Bangde and the others could not be bothered to cultivate.

With quick steps, they frantically rushed towards the surrounding doors and windows.

When they had finished everything, they were still unsure and inspected the place carefully again.

In the process, they also found that one room, where the aura of medicinal spirits was exceptionally dense.

Just as Ma Bangde was leading the way, he was ready to take a look.

Instead, he was kicked directly by Lin Mo.

“Miss Xuelian is inside, if you dare to open the door, your legs will be broken.”

The crowd was curious though.

However, seeing Lin Mo in such an agitated manner, they naturally did not dare to touch the bad luck.


The one who reacted the fastest was naturally Ma Bangde, and the one who was the most shameless was also naturally him.

Without waiting for the others to react, he sat down on his buttocks directly in front of the door of the room.

“In order to prevent any of you from having bad intentions, I’ll be the one to keep watch here.”

This reckoning could be heard throughout Death Island.

Director Qiu, Wang Changxing and the others looked at each other, and then an unkind smile spread from the corners of their mouths.

The next second.

Ma Bangde was then lifted up by the arms of several people.

“What are you doing, me Cao, if it wasn’t for me you could enjoy, this treatment!”

“Thanks to my kindness in calling you all!”

“Let go of me, you old Bidens, white-eyed wolves!”

And yet.

No matter how much he rebuked Ma’s tirade, the crowd still didn’t bother to pay him any mind.

With a flourish, he was thrown straight to the end of the corridor.

Director Qiu clapped his hands.

“Then I can thank you!”

“But one size does not fit all, and I won’t let you give such a good thing!”

Anyone who wasn’t a fool knew that.

The pill spirit aura at the entrance of the room was the densest!

Who would be willing to let out such a good place.

But it was just when Director Qiu was dejected.

Old Sixth Wang Changxing, with a twinkle in his eye, directly followed Ma Bangde’s operation.

A buttock directly grabbed a good position.

Seeing that several people were about to start another round of scrambling.

Lin Mo also finally couldn’t help but remind.

“If you guys continue to make such a fuss, this Medicine Spirit Qi will be gone.”

Although all the doors and windows had been sealed, this only delayed the rate of dissipation.

It was not possible to completely isolate it.

This statement was made.

Only then did the crowd quieten down.

With an indignant glance at Old Six Wang Changxing, they hurriedly crossed their legs to cultivate.

Taking advantage of this time, Lin Mo once again admonished the crowd.

“Just enjoy yourselves with this today.”

“Remember to keep your mouth shut!”

“Also if any of you open this room for me, I’ll punish you severely, mind you I’m not kidding!”

The thousand year old human head of wool was quite involved.

Once it leaked out, the fluctuations it caused might not even be less than the Crystal Skull.

Therefore, Lin Mo might not be able to say anything about this matter, for fear of revealing his mouth to others.