Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4241

Snowdrops has been here for a long time to say the least, and not a short time to say the least.

Right now, the white lotus inside her suddenly went out of control.

Lin Mo instantly a*sociated it with the clay lump that the old woman had just delivered.

It was highly likely that this object was the main factor.

Even to the one that had the warmth that turned away, it was highly likely that it was not an illusion.

Thinking of this, Lin Mo immediately took out the piece of broken flower handkerchief.

“I think it might have been caused by this!”

After saying that, he then lifted the handkerchief straight away, and the human clay lump inside revealed itself.

“This thing doesn’t look like anything special!”

Xuelian said after watching it carefully for a while.

This object did not have any aura to speak of at all, it looked like a completely ordinary lump of clay.

Lin Mo had thought the same thing before.

Whether the old woman’s claim of blessing her health was true or not, he intended to price it for Erniu to bring back.

Therefore, he had not observed it either.

It was only just now that the sudden aura storm in Snow Lotus’ body made him realise that the mud must have a secret that no one knew about.

“Perhaps it has been inflicted with an extremely concealing concealment formation or not!”

With that said, Lin Mo urged the aura within his body and began to slowly surge towards the mud block.

As expected, the moment the aura surged into the clay block, it inexplicably all disappeared a little.

Although the amount was extremely small, not even a hundredth of this wisp of spiritual qi.

Even the keen Lin Mo still caught the tiny anomaly.

“It’s true!”

At this moment, Lin Mo’s curiosity instantly opened up infinitely.

The desire to explore was even more explosive!

Next, he immediately set out to slowly find the loopholes in the formation on top of the clay block.

After that, Snow Lotus joined in.

The Dunhuang Sanctuary did not only produce herbs to make pills.

It is even more involved in the art of formation.

After all, you want to think about those extremely precious herbs from the time they are planted, to the final pills.

The whole process is carried out under the protection of formations.

As the Dunhuang Holy Maiden, Xue Lian’s formation attainment was naturally not bad either.

So, with the patient analysis of the two, the formation on top of the clay block was quickly broken open.

“Finally, we can see the true face of the mountain.”

Lin Mo, driven by his intense curiosity, unlocked the last masking formation.

Along with the infusion of spiritual qi, all the black silt fell off one after another.

In an instant, the rich scent of medicine instantly filled the surroundings.

Even the whole room slowly coalesced with its white mist.

With just one sniff, Lin Mo felt refreshed and invigorated.

The most amazing thing was that the side effects from the loss of heart blood before were slowly dissipating.

At the same time, the eight-leaved white lotus in Snow Lotus’ body suddenly stirred violently.

Even though he had cleanly suppressed it as much as he could.

But the white lotus shadow still burst out of his body and emerged behind him.

In the next second, the white lotus began to shift in a large or small way.

It was as if it was breathing.

And under the “breath” of the white lotus!

The white mist in the room slowly began to fade.

The white lotus, which originally had only eight petals, closed slightly, and a ninth shadow appeared in the empty space.

Although it was extremely faint and faint, the outline could already be faintly seen with the eyes of the Patriarch.

And within the pure white lotus, a hint of green began to emerge.

This is precisely the sign that the White Lotus is beginning to step into the Nine Leaves Green Lotus.

Who could have imagined that just this object would merely exude a medicinal fragrance.

It is enough to bring about such an astonishing change.

Everything has changed so unexpectedly.

After Lin Mo and Xue Lian looked at each other, they both saw an incomparable look of shock in each other’s eyes.

“Thousand Year Human Head Crow!” The two exclaimed in almost unison ……