Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4237

In the end, Lin Mo didn’t trot out the truth with Ma Bangde about Gongsun Tie’s identity.

He simply informed that it would be sufficient to refer to him as a master.

It was not that he did not trust Ma Bangde.

But if one more person knew about it, it would be more dangerous.

When he was given his brand new sword, he didn’t care about the severe pain in his arm.

He tested out the nameless slash he had previously learned from the mountain and river.

“Mountain River Slash!”

As he let out a loud shout, a large blade shadow nearly ten metres long instantly surfaced.


It was accompanied by a loud crashing sound.

The small hill not far away was instantly cut off at the top.

Perhaps it was because of the Great Blade of Ten Thousand Heads, this blow was significantly stronger than before.

Most of all, this time the greatsword was as solid as ever.

“Hahahaha, Mr. Lin, did you see that?”

“I, Ma, am now as strong as ever ……”


Just as he finished his words, his entire body fell straight down head first to the ground.

“This ……” Gongsun Tie spoke up with some concern.

Lin Mo, on the other hand, waved his hand full of concern, signaling that there was no need to worry.

“This one’s body has long been exhausted after a night of forging iron.”

“Now he still dares to use his big moves so recklessly, he’s purely asking for it.”

“Master, you don’t need to mind him, just let this b*****d sleep!”

In this way, Gongsun Tie did not say any more.

After Lin Mo had ordered his subordinates to carry Ma Bangde down to rest.

News came from Xuelian’s side.

The healing herbs that he had previously asked Feng Wu Huo to prepare had arrived.

Back at the residence.

Xue Lian was already waiting for them outside the door with Hate Free.

“These were sent here by order of Feng Wu Huo.”

Xue Lian said as she raised her hand and pointed to the hall, where the herbs were piled into small mountains.

“I’ve checked them all, there’s no problem.”

“If the master’s side is ready, we’ll start working on the treatment.”

All three were rather anxious about the treatment.

After briefly discussing one side, Lin Mo then asked Master Gongsun to go and make some preparations first.

As for him and Xue Lian, they went to boil the herbs together.

After two hours of busy work.

A bath full of herbs was delivered to the old man’s room.

“Master, from now on you will soak for an hour every day!”

“Wait until your body has recovered to a normal level, then we will proceed to the next step of treatment according to the situation.”

Gongsun Tie’s though indicated looking unharmed.

However, his internal organs had been eroded to pieces.

Taking the pills internally would only further damage his body.

Although everyone was anxious, at the moment, they could only slowly recover his body through this external healing means.

“In that case, I’ll trouble little brother over there!” Gongsun Tie said politely.

Lin Mo smiled frankly, “It’s all just some small things, no need to be so polite.”

“In the future, when I come to the door to ask for a divine weapon, it would be good if old master charges a little less.”

Gongsun Tie naturally knew that Lin Mo was joking.

The long sword at his waist, which was filled with an ancient charm, was something rarely found in the world.

How could he need to forge it?

“Fine, in future, if you ask, I will forge it for you for free.”

After the joking.

Lin Mo reminded some more of the details that needed to be taken care of after soaking the medicine.

He then took Xuelian and left the place.

“What did you guys do last night?”

Xuelian asked curiously.

After receiving Lin Mo’s summons to learn that the old man was just fine, he had gone straight back to his residence to accompany Hate Free.

It was not clear why this old man and young man had stayed at the blacksmith shop all night.

“We, ah, have been watching Old Ma beat iron all night!”

Lin Mo spared him the experience of the night.

“It was fun!”

“You do not know ah, old horse that pair of arms, swollen almost thicker than my thighs ……”