Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4236

Ding ding ding ding!

Inside the brightly lit frontline smithy, the sound of iron being beaten has been ringing all night.

After a night of forging.

The red cast iron above the fireplace has now been pounded clean of all impurities.

The carburising step was also completed by Ma Bond under the guidance of Master Gongsun.

The embryo of a steel sword is now complete.

For the remaining steps, Gongsun Tie had an itch to do the work himself.

As the process did not require much effort, Ma Bangde was responsible for the lifting of the blade.

Lin Mo did not discourage him and left the old man to his own devices.


With the old master spitting out a mouthful of tea, the reddish large knife instantly flooded me with countless water vapor.

At this moment, the prototype of the greatsword was then considered completed.

After Gongsun Tie’s careful polishing and opening, the original blackened blade immediately became shiny and bright.

Especially at the point of the blade, the gleam of cold light penetrated the heart.

At first glance, it was not sharp.

As for those tattoo carvings, Gongsun Tie did not have the heart to carve them.

He hadn’t forged for many years, so he had an itch to do so.

Weapons of this level were not worthy of him, or rather not worthy of him to carve.

No matter how downtrodden he was, the pride in his heart had not been diminished.

“Call it a day, come on you try the sword!” Gongsun Tie said with a slight gasp of breath.

The creased corners of his eyes also indicated his cheerful mood at the moment.

Ma Bangde did not doubt it, and after raising his great sword, he went aside.

With a cold stroke, the half-man-high test stone split in two instantly, without a hitch.

In particular, the place where the test blade stone broke was as flat and smooth as a mirror.

On the contrary, the big knife was indeed intact as before, with no damage visible.

“Good knife!” Ma Bangde shouted excitedly.

Especially when he thought that this blade was made by his own hands, a strong sense of pride was derived from his heart.

It seemed to feel even smoother when he wielded it.

“Thank you, Master, I am very satisfied with this blade!”

Gongsun Tie, on the other hand, waved his hand and said, “No need to be polite!”

“This blade was polished and opened a bit when I was there, and it is mainly your own fault.”

Ma Bangde was even happier after receiving the old man’s acknowledgement.

The corners of that mouth were almost grinning to the roots of his ears.

Lin Mo could only secretly shake his head when he looked at his silly smile.

If this b*****d knew that Elder Gongsun was not able to look at weapons forged at this level of material.

Only then would he give him all the credit.

I wonder if Ma Bangde would be vomiting blood with anger.

But look, the way the b*****d looks so towards.

Lin Mo eventually chose to conceal his true thoughts.

There was nothing wrong with being simple!

What’s even more cruel is this.

Master Gongsun is purely just doing a favor too.

The reason why this greatsword was so sturdily sealed was also entirely most due to Lin Mo’s wave of sharp whacks.

Specifically pursuing the matter, Ma Bangde was merely doing the hard work.

Of course for all this, both Lin Mo and Gongsun Tie chose to act as if they didn’t know.

“Since this blade was forged by your own hands, you might as well give it a name!”

Ma Bangde blurted out after thinking for a while with a face full of excitement.

“In the future, this sword will be used on the battlefield to kill the heads of thousands of enemies.”

“Let’s call it the Ten Thousand Heads Great Sword over there!”

Lin Mo: “……”

What a corny name!

Luckily I was only involved a little.

Gongsun Tie: “……”

What an ugly name!

Luckily I didn’t just get involved in sanding the start.

Marbond asked when he saw the sudden silence in the room.

“Well, does the name work?”

Lin Mo and Gongsun Tie glanced at each other and immediately returned in unison.

“Good name ……”