Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4234

Lin Mo and his party did not know at this time that Mabund had come.

When he returned, he found that Gongsun Tie had suddenly disappeared from the area.

He instantly tensed up.

“Haterless, also lead here first, while we go out with Sister Xuelian for a while.”

After Lin Mo settled Haterless down, he and Xue Lian exchanged a glance, and the two of them instantly disappeared from the spot.

As a large number of people returned to the back to talk about their feelings.

Not many people existed on the front line at all at this time.

The lights, dotted with stars, were sparse.

Lin Mo dodged and came to a tent.

The few brothers who were leaning against the whole sheep immediately stood up.

“Greetings, Mr. Lin!”

“Did you find any suspicious people coming in and out just now?”

Lin Mo asked with a low, trying mind.

The few brothers immediately shook their heads after thinking back for a while.

“There isn’t one!”

“But not long ago we did see the Horse Patriarch enter with a strange old man?”

An old man?

Lin Mo instantly caught the key information.

“Where did they go?”

“It seems to be in the direction of the blacksmith shop?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the Lin Mo in front of the Washi people instantly disappeared.

By the time Lin Mo hurriedly arrived at the blacksmith shop, he immediately heard the sound of talking coming through inside.

“Young man, your back strength is not good!”

“You can’t stand it after just a few strokes?”

“It’s a deficiency, you need to make up for it!”

When Lin Mo heard this familiar voice, his heart, which had been tense, instantly relaxed.

After summoning Snow Lotus, he lifted his steps and went forward.

As he walked into the hot and dry smithy, he was greeted by a bare-chested Ma Bonder.

In one hand he held a huge piece of pig iron and in the other he held a huge hammer.

As for Gongsun Tie, who had suddenly disappeared, he was now instructing him in the art of forging with great interest.

“Senior, I can’t do it anymore!”

“This thing is deadly heavy, who can’t take it!”

Ma Bangde complained under his breath as he wiped away the beads of sweat on his forehead after putting down the hammer.

Even with the strength of a half-step Patriarch, a sledgehammer of a hundred pounds was smashed in a non-stop round.

After a long time, he felt weak.

In less than ten minutes, Ma Bangde’s arm felt sore and swollen.

“If you’re weak, just admit it, old man, at your age, you don’t even take a day’s turn to breathe.”

Gongsun Tie said disdainfully, with a touch of contempt in his eyes.

Ma Bangde’s instant energy of defiance came up.

He said, “How can I be looked down upon by an old man like you?

“I’ll smash!”

Ma Bangde bellowed a roar and swung his arm again.

As he watched the sledgehammer about to fall, Lin Mo suddenly stepped forward and grabbed his wrist.

“After so many years of martial arts training, have you learnt it all from a dog?”

“Don’t you know how to use force to strike? Don’t you know how to use trickery?”

“Get out of the way!”

After reprimanding Ma Bangde, Lin Mei smoothly took the huge hammer in his hand.


Under the loud sound, countless sparks of fire burst out.

Just as the hammer hit the wrought iron and bounced back.

Lin Mo took advantage of this rebounding force and instantly wheeled the hammer up into mid-air.

Immediately afterwards, he dropped down in a smooth manner and once again smashed heavily on top of the reddish wrought iron.

A set of movements flowed smoothly, without a single hint of stagnation.

Gongsun Tie, who was still watching from the sidelines, saw this scene and his face instantly turned complicated.

This set looked simple.

However, there were many tricks in it.

There’s also a lot to be said for the way you lift and drop!

And what surprised Gongsun Tie the most was that Lin Mo looked a little rusty at first.

But after a few rounds, Gongsun Tie could clearly feel that Lin Mo’s technique was becoming more and more mature.

And his speed was getting faster and faster.

After a few minutes, he could even see the residual shadows created when the hammer was swung.