Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4231

After the supply channels for the herbs have been established.

Lin Mo will start treating Gongsun Tie together with Xue Lian.

In order to make the preparation of the herbs more convenient and precise, Lin Mo had Feng Wu Huo also play along.

After a careful examination by the two of them.

Gongsun Tie’s physical condition was indeed as Lin Mo had said, it was in a dilapidated state.

The combination of years of alcohol and his advanced age had almost depleted all of his body functions.

The condition of his hands was not much better.

The meridians of his hands had been broken and the meridians had withered!

The only reason why this old man Gongsun could still move his arms was purely on the basis of the fact that he was a patriarch since.

“It seems that he still needs to recuperate!”

Lin Mo analysed.

“Master Gongsun’s current physical condition is such that he can only slowly warm up.”

“If the medicine is too strong, it will only further drag his body down.”

Fifty years of unrestrained drinking had already emptied the old master’s body.

Right now it could only recover through time.

While the two discussed, Lin Mo took notes of the warming herbs needed for the regimen.

“Senior Feng, you’ve almost understood the situation.”

“These medicinal herbs, I’ll trouble you to help raise them!”

After saying that, he handed out the medicine prescription that he had put together.

As for the remuneration or anything else he did not mention anything at all.

He knew that what Feng Wu Huo wanted was a favour from himself.

“No problem!” Feng Wu Huo happily flicked the prescription, and the smile on his face looked extraordinarily bright.

And so it was that Gongsun Tie’s initial treatment plan was set.

As his physical condition did not allow it, Lin Mo was in no hurry to take over the tendons and meridians for him again.

Just after a few people walked out of the room.

A swordsman from the Knife Sect rushed over with an anxious look on his face.

“Mr. Lin, Sect Master Ma asked me to ask you to come over immediately ……”


When Lin Mo arrived at the command centre, all the power lords, including Director Qiu, were already present.

An inexplicable sense of tension drifted with the entire venue.

As soon as they met, Wang Changxing stated bluntly.

“Mr. Lin, according to the news sent back by the scouts.”

“The Lawrence family’s civil unrest has been straightened out by their trusted patriarch Cousins.”

“Since this morning, the frequent movements of their squad have begun.”

“All signs indicate that they, the Lawrence, are ready to wage war again!”

Everyone was ready for this day to come.

Only the only thing that worried everyone was this.

The entire front line had just experienced the epidemic and members of the major forces were still in the process of recovering.

At such a juncture, it was more or less impossible to meet the war.

Now Wang Changxing and the others suddenly invited Lin Mo over to ask for his opinion.

After learning all about the situation, Lin Mo did not express any thoughts as usual.

The only instruction he gave was one sentence.

“Give all frontline personnel a day off!”

At such an arrangement, all the power lords in the crowd were puzzled.

“A day off?”

Wang Changxing even thought that he had heard wrong.

Right now was the important period of being prepared for war, and they themselves were extremely tight on time.

Giving everyone a holiday at this time was like adding insult to injury.

Although it is only a short day, it has the potential to shape the entire battle.

“Mr. Lin, right now we have time ……”

Wang Changxing was about to analyse the tense situation at hand.

Lin Mo, however, remained as calm as ever and raised his hand to interrupt him.

“Let them go home for a look!”

Ever since the Lawrence family started the war, all the men on the front line had been staying here.

Then there was an outbreak out of a serious epidemic.

More than 200,000 members have died before and after.

“This time, it will probably be the last time many of them will see their families.”