Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4065

The birds in the forest were frightened.

More than a dozen half-step clerics rolled and crawled towards the far side of the road and ran wildly.

It didn’t matter where their destination was.

As long as they could get away from this man-eating monster.

However, they hadn’t gotten very far.

They were suddenly stopped in their tracks by a pair of twin sisters in front of them who looked alike.

“Hee hee, uncles think differently!”

The bright smiles of the two sisters, together with a pair of dimples, looked extraordinarily cute.

But at this moment, the black robes were thinking of ways to escape.

There was no time to appreciate this.

“Get out of my way!”

A black robe at the head, viciously scolded angrily.

With that, the said meteor hammer came down heavily towards the two sisters.

It looked like the two were about to be hammered into mush.

In front of the two sisters, several figures fiercely appeared.


The hammers fell on the head of one of them, and a loud sound was heard instantly.

However, not only was this person safe and sound, on the contrary, the hammer had been completely dented.

“Zong …… Zong Shi powerhouse!”

The black robe’s pupils shrank, and he was directly frightened to the point where his four eyes were dumbfounded.

The twelve figures in front of him did not even conceal their aura in the slightest.

Twelve clan masters were revealed before his eyes.

Just when the black robe felt that he was bound to die.

The two sisters suddenly spoke.

“Run backwards!”

“Knowing that Big Fatty won’t make a move on you when he’s had his fill!”

The black robe did not dare to retort, and after swallowing the mouthful of words, he immediately turned around and ran back with his companions.

Compared to facing the Twelve Patriarchs, they would rather face that man-eating beast.

At least the speed of that fat mountain of a body was bound to be a flaw.

The thought was good, the display was indeed cruel.

After they had returned to the original again.

The hill-like man was already blocking their way.

With a single probing motion of his hands, the two black robes were directly in his grasp.

The other companions, seeing this, thought their time to escape had come and ran wildly in the opposite direction of the twin sisters once more in multiple directions.

However, in the next second, the fat man appeared in front of them again.

While chewing in his mouth, his hands once again poked out.

What kind of speed was this?

The group of black robes instantly despaired.

There was no way for them to escape with such a body style.

For a while, there were more screams of misery in the mountains and forests ……

After hearing these commotions, the black-robed leader could not sit still any longer.

Only when he arrived.

The scene was devoid of living creatures except for the blood everywhere.

There were no bones left!

“Which sect leader, dare to touch my people?”

He hissed in anger.

As the words fell to the ground, his brow suddenly furrowed.

Turning around, he only saw a pair of twin sisters behind him looking at him with a smile on their faces.

At the same time, the huge black shadow had already appeared beside him.

The black-robed chief naturally did not dare to hesitate.

With a casual fling of his hand, the densely packed red centipede swooped directly towards the black shadow.

As for himself, he darted back and pulled away from his opponent.

Taking this opportunity, he finally got a good look at his opponent.

Only upon seeing the mountainous man, the black-robed chief was instantly taken aback.

“Seven Deadly Sins, Tyrannical Corpse Sect Leader!”

Why had this man appeared here?

Just as he was worried.

The sound of talking came from between the trees.

“I told you, which power, has such a big gesture?”

“So it’s your Five Poison Sect!”

“An Qingshan, why don’t you hunker down in your turtle shell and come out to wade in this mess?”

When he saw the visitor, the black-robed leader An Qingshan’s pupils shrank.

Ji Dutuo!

If he was facing a tyrannical corpse, he would still have the heart to compete.

Now that he saw Ji Dutuo come out, he did not have the slightest intention to resist.

“Second Sect Master, I have no enmity with you, why do you want to brutally kill my people?”

Ji Dutuo smiled faintly.

“There was none before, but there is now.”

“Dare to hunt down and kill my people? Who gave you the guts ……”