Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4064

Although the half-step Patriarchs present all knew that the young girl in front of them was already at the end of her rope.

But the instinctive fear of that body was not something that could be suppressed by reason.

It had been less than half an hour before and after.

This young girl, who was less than ten years old, had already killed three of their companions.

To know that these three were all half-step Zongshi!

To think that at that age, one might not even dare to kill a chicken.

This little girl in front of him was no longer a genius.

She was a demon among demons.

And the most terrifying thing was that they had clearly put aside their contempt.

They were taking it seriously!

But this little girl seemed to have an endless supply of cards.

Every time everyone thought that they would be able to catch her, someone from the clan would die in this little girl’s hands.

After a long time.

Perhaps it was out of fear of the leader, more than their fear of death.

The crowd of black robes finally did stir.

If the chief knew that they were actually intimidated by a little girl.

When the time came, it would still be a matter of death.

Among the crowd, a black robe wielding a gossip blade finally stood his hand.

With a million cautions, he slowly approached Lin Wuyuan.

It was until the tip of the blade was pressed against Lin Wuyuan’s heart.

She still did not move.

It seemed that the blow from the flying sword had indeed drained all her spiritual energy.

Thinking of this, the black robe couldn’t help but sigh in relief.

“Little girl, give up your hand, you have no way to escape!”

“Follow me obediently and go back to see the chief, you can still suffer a little less flesh and blood!”

Hearing these words.

Lin Wu Huan, who was exhausted, slowly lifted his head.

The resolute and cold look in her eyes was out of place on her young face.

“Trying to take me down and coerce my master, are you?”

When he said sub here, his face suddenly emerged with a touch of death wish.

“You are thinking good thoughts!”

As the words fell, she stepped forward with a fierce thrust.


The sharp tip of the blade went straight through his heart.

This sudden and terrifying move directly stunned the black robe.

She had never expected that Lin Wuyuan would be so sang-froid.

And taking advantage of this distraction of his.

With his last breath, Lin Wu Hate fiercely gripped the other party’s wrist and yanked it forward.

Caught off guard.

The black robe stumbled.

By the time the man regained his senses, Lin Wu Hate had already locked one hand around his throat.


With a last trace of madness, Lin Wu Hate’s fingers squeezed hard.

There was a click!

The fourth Half-step Patriarch was dead!

After all this last night, Lin Wu Hate also collapsed helplessly to the ground.

“Is this what death feels like?”

“Master, it seems like my apprentice won’t be able to protect you from now on!”

“What a pity that the Money Flower hasn’t been brought back to Master!”

With a hint of resignation, she closed her eyes helplessly and her consciousness sank.

This ……

The remaining few black robes, looking at the scene before them, froze directly in place.

They had thought that this little girl would have other underhanded means.

Yet, they never expected that a little girl less than ten years old would directly choose to die in order not to be caught.

The most terrifying thing was that even before she died, she had taken a half-step Patriarch with her.

Was this still human?

Just as several people were shocked speechless by the scene before them.

They were oblivious to it.

A man who was as fat as a mountain had already arrived behind them unknowingly.

“Ah, help!”

The sound of a miserable scream came and went as quickly as it came.

In the next second, the sound of chewing bones was heard in the forest.

Seeing their companion being taken down without any resistance.

The other black robes immediately panicked.

Especially when they saw that the mountainous man had actually stuffed his companion into his mouth.

All of them no longer had the heart to resist ……