Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4063

Lin Wu Huan knew that with his speed alone, there was no way he could escape the black robe’s pursuit.

So it thought to make a comeback and take care of the nearest enemy first.

Although she achieved her aim and took care of one of them.

However, in the end, he had underestimated the speed of a half-step cleric.

In just a few seconds of stagnation, she was surrounded by her opponent’s group.

And with the previous experience, the other party was clearly alert.

It was clearly impossible to replicate the previous attack again.

Thinking of this, Hate Free’s mind could not help but feel anxious.

If he was taken down by the other party, he would definitely drag down his master.

Recalling, the face that had brought him out of the darkness.

A smile suddenly appeared at the corner of Lin Wu Hate’s mouth.

Only quickly, the smile transformed into a cruel cold laugh.

“Since we can’t escape, let’s kill more of our enemies!”

“This will also be a way to share some of the pressure for Master.”

With this thought in her mind, two long swords in her hands, glowing with black Qi, appeared silently.

At this moment, facing more than ten half-step sect masters, she did not flinch in the slightest.

“Give me death!”

After shouting, she fiercely sprang out and charged towards the place.

However, the reason she had been able to win the first two times was entirely by a surprise.

As well as the special attribute of aura.

At this moment, she was still far from being able to face a half-step sect master head-on.

And several of the black robes had also discovered this at this point.

Although the black qi on top of the longsword made several of them also feel a strong sense of scorn.

However, Lin Wu Hate was not fast in making his moves.

They could easily dodge it with a little bit of care.

So the black-robed crowd, who were still scared, relaxed once again.

“Watch out, brothers, the chief has given his word.”

“Don’t hurt this little girl’s life.”

With this word of caution, several of the black robes also gave up on the idea of striking.

They were not slow to dodge, and kept the integrity of the encirclement.

And so it was.

A strange phenomenon appeared on the scene.

No matter which direction Lin Wu Hate attacked from, the other side just kept retreating, just dodging and not attacking.

While several other black robes shifted their bodies together to keep the entire encirclement tight.

After a long time.

Lin Wu Huan then realised that his physical strength was starting to fail him.

The sound of his breathing became thicker and thicker.

The bean-sized sweat on her forehead was not constantly pouring out.

At this moment, she also finally reacted.

The other party was trying to wear herself out!

Once she collapsed, she would strike at the other party just.

Thinking of this, her eyes also turned redder and redder.

Staring at the nearest black-robed person to her, she charged straight forward.

Only, this time, her stance was violently improved by a large margin.

Ghost Shadow Step!

All that could be seen was a streak of shadow passing by.

Five petite bodies suddenly appeared in front of the crowd.

The black robe in front of them was just about to retreat when his pupils shrank.

Not daring to have any hesitation.

This person immediately retreated backwards.

The distance between the two sides instantly pulled apart.

Only before he could take a breath, his expression flickered.

When he looked down, the shadow of a longsword glowing with black Qi had already penetrated his chest cavity.

Another man had fallen!

This flying sword move was exactly what Hatedless had researched on his own after having seen Master Lin Mo’s flying needle technique.

Only this move was extremely consuming.

After dealing with and resolving this man, he only felt weak and his aura had been depleted cleanly.

Strongly holding on to his weakened body.

Her icy gaze swept over the crowd of black robes.

“Those who are still not afraid of death, feel free to come up and try!”

The petite and lovely figure was overflowing with a strong hostile aura at the moment.

Above the lovely face, it was also filled with chilling intent.

For a moment, a hint of fear surprisingly appeared in the hearts of the crowd of half-step sect masters.