Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4062

Birds of prey startled in the forest.

A dozen figures of half-step clan masters darted through it.

However, after searching for more than ten miles around, they still could not find any trace of Lin Wuyuan.

When they returned to their original location with trepidation, they reported the results.

The black-robed leader gave a cold, angry scolding.

“Are you all trash?”

The words fell to the ground.

One of them instantly had his face twisted up.

With a painful scream, this man lost his breath and fell straight to the ground.

In his chest, a centipede with a red glow slowly burst out.

It then quickly burrowed into the black-robed leader’s sleeve and disappeared.

At the sight of this scene, Yuan’s men, who were already fearless, were so frightened that they fell to their knees.

Their bodies trembled continuously.


“This trivial matter still requires my daddy to step in!”

The black-robed leader murmured strange phrases in a low voice as he finished his hand.

Not a moment later, the skin of the corpse that had been attacked and killed by Lin Wuyuan suddenly rubbed.

In the blink of an eye, an identical centipede crawled out of its mouth.

Only this object, was crawling rapidly in the direction of the cliff.

Several people followed.

Only to see the red centipede burrowing straight into, the lush pine tree’s layered leaves on the cliff.

“Found you!”

The leading black robe’s tone was full of excitement at the moment.

It wasn’t because he had found his target.

Rather, it was because of Lin Wuyuan’s bizarre hiding tactic.

Before this, he had clearly sensed everything around him.

However, he had not discovered Lin Wuyan, who was hiding under his nose.

A heaven-defying talent coupled with this bizarre hiding technique.

Such a talent was simply born for their Five Poison Sect.

The more the black-robed chief thought about it, the more excited he became.

“Bring the man back to me, and remember to bring him back alive!”

“Yes, my lord.”

Having learned from their cruel predecessors, the group of black-robed men looked extra attentive this time.

Staring at the pine tree on top of the cliff face with a deadly gaze.

As the red centipede that had broken in two fell, a smaller body scurried out.

“Give chase!”

A command was given.

All the half-step clerics present immediately gave chase.

Since it was daytime, and because this group of black robes was so numerous.

At this moment, Lin Wu Hate didn’t have any chance to get out of the other party’s sight.

Moreover, his own cultivation level was not very high.

The main reason he was able to kill that Half-step Patriarch before was because of her special aura attributes.

Plus, the other party had dropped the lightness.

Right now, if she were to really compete with her opponent in terms of endurance and speed, she would not stand a chance.

As the black robe behind her got closer and closer.

Lin Wu Huan’s mind could not help but become more and more anxious.

She must not be taken down by them to blackmail Master.

And the Money Grass in the bag he had to bring back to the front line in District 3!

The thought came to this.

He deliberately slowed down his pace.

The black robe behind him only thought that he had taken off his strength, and his heart was overjoyed.

In order to make a mark in front of the chief, the speed of the men increased a few points.


After Lin Wu Hate silently estimated the distance between the two sides on one side.

She fiercely tugged on a branch and then braked sharply with one foot.

With the rebounding force of the branch, he then rushed towards the black-robed group coming after him at a faster speed.

At the front of the group, the only thing on his mind was to take it down as soon as possible, Lin Wuyuan Li Gong.

He also did not expect this little girl to come back with such a show.

Unprepared, Lin Wu Hate had already crashed into this person’s arms.

A black sharp claw came out.

It directly penetrated the man’s chest, and with a grip of Lin Wu Hate’s five fingers.

A bright red heart was directly crushed by him.

Although he had already taken care of one person as fast as he could.

But there was still a delay of a few seconds.

And that was already enough for the other black robes to catch up.

“Everyone, be careful, this little thing is evil.”

Although it had surrounded Lin Wu Hate.

But with two of their companions dead, the black-robed crowd was already wary.