Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3999

District 3, the top floor of Hospital No. 1.

Inside the wretched convalescent room, Director Qiu froze in a daze.

The Seven Deadly Sins, the Crystal Skull, the legendary treasure, the ghostly old man, the patriarch lurking behind the scenes.

And that Ji Duto’s conspiracy and so on!

A piece of truth behind the scenes was like a heavy bomb.

It directly caused Director Qiu’s brain to buzz.

After a long time, he said with a self-deprecating smile.

“Originally, I thought that Death Island was just a small fish pond.”

“I didn’t expect it to be a completely bottomless sea!”

Having spent decades on Death Island, he only realised at this moment.

It turned out that this group of power lords and regional administrators who thought they were above the rest.

They were completely a bunch of jumping clowns being observed by a bunch of clan masters.

And their three regions were full of wariness, thinking that they were sure you could defeat Lawrence’s crowd.

In fact, they had been silently protected by Lin Mo.

If not for that, I am afraid that they would have been eaten to the bone as early as when the first group of Patriarchal experts from the Seven Deadly Sins arrived.

But right now was not the time to be secretly saddened.

All sorts of things were actually very bad for Lin Mo.

After being set upon by Ji Dutuo, now all Lin Mo had to face was not only the Seven Deadly Sins.

There was also the group of patriarchs behind the curtain who were watching.

“Mr. Lin, with the situation today, perhaps we can seek cooperation with the Ghostly Old Man.”

The same Sovereign Master experts, although there were strengths and weaknesses.

However, having one more Patriarch sitting in the town would be one more bottom card.

As soon as this suggestion was made, Lin Mo immediately shook his head and rejected it.

“This ghostly old man is not credible!”

“Although he revealed a lot of information to me before.”

“But after I verified it, I found that he had actually lied.”


The ghostly old man had personally said that the hidden behind-the-scenes patriarchs all hoped that the three districts could steadily wait for the Sea Wolf King’s big wedding date.

At all times, the crowd could then compete for that crystal skull on their own merits.

After experiencing the old man with the walking stick before.

Lin Mo had realised that this was not the case.

Perhaps the ghostly old man was the only one who wanted to keep the three districts from being swallowed up.

That way he could search for the Sea Wolf King’s original body without fear.

Lin Mo even felt that this bad old man was deliberately exposing himself.

But whether this old friend was deliberate or unintentional, it was fine.

Right now, the most important thing was still to be able to take down the Lawrence family who had stirred up trouble.

“Right now the only people we can rely on are our own.”

“Next, your character is to cultivate well.”

“It would be best if you could break through to Zong Shi before the Sea Wolf King’s big wedding.”

“At that time, I can also deal with some other matters at ease.”

District Three was the place where his power on Death Island originated.

He wasn’t likely to give it up until the last resort.

Let the current situation be what it was, if there wasn’t a Patriarch he trusted to sit in the Third District.

Lin Mo simply could not feel at ease.

Hearing these words, Director Qiu’s pressure instantly multiplied.

“Mr. Lin do you think too highly of me.”

Breaking through to Zong Shi in a little over half a month, he didn’t even dare to think about it.

Moreover, Director Qiu also had his own worries.

“And on top of the battlefield, you are restricted from making a move.”

“There are more than ten half-step Patriarchs on the Lawrence Family’s side, if I don’t a*sist from the sidelines!”

“I’m afraid that District Three will suffer a big loss.”

When the airport was engaged, although all three districts were on the winning side.

But at best, they could only be considered small victories.

Lawrence’s side was also far from being bruised and battered.

At a later stage, the battle resumed.

If the other side’s half-step masters were to fight together, Ma Bangde alone would be the only one to do so.

The three districts would definitely suffer a great loss.

After Lin Mo pondered for a moment, he waved his hand

“This matter, I already have a plan in mind.”

“During this period of time, I will do my best, and I will personally train for several power lords.”

“Strive to make more people’s, break through to half-step clan master’s.”