Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3996

First Hospital, District 3, top floor.

Inside the luxurious inpatient ward.

Director Qiu slowly opened his eyes.

Looking around at the familiar surroundings, he inexplicably let out a long sigh.

Originally, this was the ward for his daughter Qiu Yi Yi and Lin Mo.

But he hadn’t thought that he would have the day to stay here too.


Hearing the movement, Lin Mo, who was cultivating at the side, slowly broke open his eyes.

“Mr. Lin!” Director Qiu greeted, and was about to get up.

It was only when he pressed his hands on top of the hospital bed that a sharp pain came from his arms.

Looking down, he saw that his arms were now covered in bandages.

On the side, Lin Mo didn’t wait for him to ask a question and took the lead to explain.

“Your hands have been frostbitten by that Hector!”

“But it will heal after a few days of rest and recuperation!”

At the mention of this, a gloomy look clearly flashed across Director Qiu’s eyes.

He was clearly stronger than the other side.

Yet, he ended up in such a miserable situation.

In the past, as the strongest force master in the three districts, he had always felt that he was a person who did not compete or grab for fame and fortune.

Even after he had met Lin Mo, all the other power lords were scrambling to show themselves in the battle.

He was the only one who had been doing his own thing in silence.

However, as Ma Bangde’s strength suddenly skyrocketed.

Director Qiu gradually began to feel the pressure.

In particular, when he witnessed Ma Bangde’s battlefield epiphany, he would inexplicably feel a wave of envy in his heart.

That feeling irritated him.

But it could not be suppressed and eliminated.

On the side, Lin Mo obviously also saw Director Qiu’s mind.

It had been particularly obvious back when he had been wounded in the fight with Hector.

“Old Qiu, your heart is in turmoil!”

Lin Mo lamented coldly.

It was surprising that this most stable man in the Third Region would also have such a side.

Director Qiu resentfully turned his head away and shifted his gaze to the window.

“When you’re stressed, your mind is sometimes, out of your control.” Director Qiu said with emotion.

Lin Mo did not relent either, but merely nodded in agreement.

“Indeed, it’s common for people to do that!”

“But well.” He turned his words around “It is because of the pressure that all have motivation.”

“You’re not doing yourself any favours by being unperturbed and uncompetitive all the time.”

Director Qiu was only in his fifties.

But yet he lived with the kind of mentality of an old man who was already in his eighties or nineties.

Facing life was fine, but if it was facing the martial arts, it was a big no-no.

Although Director Qiu did not answer, that shifting expression had already revealed his fluctuating thoughts at the moment.

There was a long silence.

Only then did he turn his gaze, “Mr. Lin, do you think there is still a chance that I can break through to Zongshi in this lifetime?”

“What’s not possible!”

Lin Mo blurted out.

“To think that when I was a martial artist, I was already able to kill …… amounts!”

Thinking of Ma Bangde’s already that kind of henchman’s demeanor before.

Lin Mo immediately stopped his words and turned to continue to say.

“Able to decapitate the fierce tiger murderer.”

“Who can say in the future!”

“I don’t know if you’ll be able to break through to Zongshi, but if you keep up this non-competitive mentality.”

“You will only be able to stop at half-step Zongshi in this life.”

Addressing the words, there was no hint of politeness to speak of.

A serious illness required fierce medicine, a touch of comfort was instead harming people.

Director Qiu did not retort, recalling that he had already broken through half-step Zong Shi at the age of thirty.

Later, after the establishment of the Martial Division, his martial realm had remained at that level.

And this stop was nearly twenty years.

If he did not enter the clan master, he was ultimately a mole.

Division Chief Qiu had understood this statement extraordinarily well ever since he had seen Lin Mo fight to the death against other clan masters.

It was just that twenty years of delay had also caused him to gradually lose that enterprising and striving heart.