Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3993

Hector wore a victor’s laugh, full of triumph.

“The head of the Director of the Martial Division is under me, Hector.”

Just as he raised his hand, he was ready to finish off Director Qiu once and for all.

A to terrifying aura suddenly came from beside him.

Het’s heart flinched as he slowly twisted his cheek.

At this moment.

Ma Bangde’s originally dull gaze gradually took on a glow.

And the aura around him gradually became more and more bitter.

Countless sabre qi surged, and there was a vague sense of cohesion and formation.

The two opponents in front of him, who were half-step grandmasters, also sensed that something was wrong at this moment.

After the two looked at each other, their eyes instantly became incomparably fierce.

“Heart-shattering Fist!”

“Soul-Severing Palm!”

In order to kill Ma Bangde as soon as possible, both of them used their bottom martial skills.

And the angles of their strikes were also very tricky.

One attacked Ma Bangde’s head from the back.

The other attacked Ma Bond’s heart from the front!

There was no way to retreat from the two-sided attack.

As long as one of them hit him, he would definitely die.

However, in the face of such a critical moment, Bond closed his eyes in mute silence.

Was he ready to die?

The two of them thought this, and the corners of their mouths could not help but reveal a smile after a victory.

At this moment.

The hearts of the people watching the battle in the three districts were in their throats.

The Daoist Swordsmen, in particular, rushed forward without saying a word.

Intending to save their sect master.

But the two sides were far apart.

All they did was a futile attempt.

As they watched, two terrifying martial arts techniques were about to strike Ma Bangde.

The smiles of the two half-step sect masters of the Lawrence clan suddenly froze.

And Ma Bond, who was still in the middle of the two, magically appeared to the side of the two.

Above the large sword carried on his shoulder, a blinding drop of blood slowly and quietly slid down.

As the bead of blood fell to the ground.

The two half-step clerics in front of them lifted their palms helplessly.

A thin line of blood on their necks quietly appeared.

In the next second, the two heads that were still wearing smug smiles rolled straight down to the ground.

This ……

This was still the Ma Bangde they knew!

With such strength, no one would dispute to say that he was a sect master expert.

Seeing this unbelievable scene.

Lin Wu Hate, who had been watching the battle, also had the slightest movement.

“Master, how did he suddenly become so strong?”

Lin Mo rubbed his nose, “He’s just the residual power that remains after his epiphany!”

“It doesn’t count as his own strength!”

He said as he smashed his mouth and Nan Nan muttered to himself.

“D*mn it, I can’t believe I’ve been pretended to by this one!”

It had to be said that the Ma Bonder at the moment was indeed tumultuous beyond compare.

Under the rendering of a terrifying sword aura, it was like an invincible war god.

Not far away, Hector was directly shocked and froze in place.

Obviously he was also a Half-step Grandmaster, but why was this Ma Bangde so outrageously powerful.

Just after he was squared away.

Ma Bond’s also twisted his cheeks and stared coldly at Hurt.

“It’s your turn!”

“Come and die!”

The sharp gaze seemed to carry the power of thunder in it.

With just one glance, Hector couldn’t help but take a small step back.

He was, well, scared!

Yet just because he didn’t dare to make a move didn’t mean that Mabundu would let him go.

Both feet lashed out.

The ground shook slightly!

In the blink of an eye, Ma Bonder’s figure disappeared directly before his son’s eyes.

The original spot was then left with a depression of more than two feet.

When he reappeared in front of the crowd, there was already a human head in his hand with horror written all over his face.

In just one round, Hector had turned into a headless corpse.

With such a powerful strength, everyone in the three districts was shocked speechless.

Against the admiring gazes of the crowd, Ma Bangde came to Lin Mo with his head held high.

“Mr. Lin, do you dare to fight ……”