Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3992

For his own cold ice palm.

Hector had this absolute confidence!

An ordinary person who even accidentally touched a bit of it would be directly frozen into a corpse.

Even a half-step Grandmaster of the same realm would lose their skin if not die if they were struck by this move.


Right now, this Director Qiu acted as if nothing was wrong.

Yet after the two of them exchanged blows again.

Hector suddenly realised that it was not that his own Cold Ice Palm had worn out.

Rather, it was that Director Qiu was currently holding on.

His hands had been frozen to the point where they had lost all vitality.

After a long time, they would definitely be completely ruined.

Thinking of this, a look of mockery slowly appeared on Het’s face as well.

“I didn’t expect that after being hit by my Cold Ice Palm, you could still be so alive.”

The words just fell.

He raised his arms quickly and resisted against his side.


A whip kick from Director Qiu in response.

The corner of Hector’s mouth suddenly hooked!

What stupidity!

With his body in the air, he had become a living target for himself!

Without waiting for Director Qiu to retract his move, Hector slapped out his palm.

The cold air of his palm struck Director Qiu’s chest.

Just when Hector was excited, he thought he had won.

There was no feedback from the palm after it had hit something physical.

And it still went straight through Director Qiu’s body.

For a moment, Hurt couldn’t help but pale.

This was a residual shadow!

After realising this, he immediately tapped his toes on the ground, intending to break away from his original spot.

However, just at this moment, he saw Director Qiu who was bending down and coming to his lower body.

Although Director Qiu had lost control of his hands.

But he still had his hard iron head.

After posting himself, he stomped hard with both feet.

Only a miserable cry was heard.

Hector was surprisingly hit directly in the bridge of his nose by one of Director Qiu’s heads.


Seeing Director Qiu hit with one blow, he couldn’t help but cheer.

“Director Qiu, good job er!”

“I thought he was going to lose before, fortunately!”

“It’s so exciting, I didn’t expect Director Qiu to be able to fight back desperately.”

Just when the crowd was boasting with delighted faces.

However, Director Qiu fell straight to the ground motionless.

The comeback he had just made had been entirely by sheer willpower.

Now the chill attacked his heart!

He no longer had any ounce of spare strength to fight again.

“Hurry up and save the others!”

When the Martial Division crowd saw their leader in the end, they immediately shouted anxiously.

Only just as they were about to move.

Lin Mo at the front of the group stopped them.

“Even if you all go on, you are no match for this man!”

“At most, it will only cost him a little more strength.”

In the face of such words.

The Martial Division crowd, however, did not have any feelings of retreat.

“A little is a little if you can expend a little!”

“Mr. Lin, the other side also has clan master constraints, and we know you can’t make a move.”

“But we can, as long as we can save, Director Qiu, what’s the harm in dying!”

At the head, Director Qiu’s adjutant spoke in a righteous voice.

Perhaps even if the other party was a terrifyingly strong Patriarch, he would still lead his men to their deaths.

Lin Mo hadn’t expected this group of people to be so loyal.

“Alright, if you want to die, you should wait until later!”

“Leave everything at the moment to Ma Bangde!”

What he had already sensed, the Ma Bond in his epiphany was about to awaken.

Above the battlefield.

Hector covered the bridge of his nose after this Division One Qiu headbutt hit him.

The excruciating pain made him tear up involuntarily.

After climbing up upside down, he coldly glanced at Lin Mo.

“It’s come to this, and you’re still in the mood to act tough.”

With a disdainful smile, he walked towards Director Qiu step by step.

His palms were overflowing with cold Qi, and between them, one could vaguely see that countless ice crystals, were slowly falling down.