Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3989

In the face of this sudden boast.

Hector, as well as the other two two Patriarchs, looked at each other.

Each saw incomprehension in the red of the other’s eyes.

“Who is this little brat again?”

Although they were given a compliment by the young man in front of them, there was no joy in their hearts before.

On the contrary, that old-fashioned certain look made Hector extremely irritated.

“What are you?”

Hector asked with a frown without.

“I’m your …….”

Between reflexes, the word dad almost came out of Lin Mo’s mouth.

Luckily, he reacted quickly enough to reel it in.

“What I am is not important!”

Said Lin Mo with his hands behind his back and his jaw slightly upturned.

“What is important is that you are still young and have good talent, it is not easy to cultivate to this level.”

An inexplicable statement, the whole of which blinded Het.

“What do you mean?”

Lin Mo smashed his mouth, his face taking on more than a little bit of a tedious look.

Not long ago he had been taught this by the old man with the cane and felt pushed to do so.

Right now, after trying it once, he found that he didn’t have that taste at all.

Could it be that he was not old enough?

Thinking about this, Lin Mo shook his head and began to reply to the other party.

“It’s nothing!”

“What I mean is that after all this hard cultivation, there’s clearly a chance to break through to Zongshi.”

“It would be a shame to be killed here!”

Hector: “……”

I’ve been asking for most of the day, and this is what you’re f*cking telling me.

At this moment, Hector just felt he was being played.

“Kid, give me death!”

Seeing that the other party was about to rush over.

Lin Mo hurriedly gave up his position.

“Old Ma, Old Qiu, get rid of them!”


Accompanied by an excited yes sound.

The two figures behind Lin Mo fiercely scurried out.

On the side, Lin Wu Hate’s hands also glowed with a pitch-black light.

Her eyes were narrowed and her gaze was filled with battle intent.

However, just as she was about to rush up and join the battle as well.

A large hand behind her directly stopped her back.

“Why are you going?”

Lin Mo looked at his disciple speechlessly.

That was a half-step sect master battle.

Even if this precious disciple of his own had a high level of talent and understanding.

He had only cultivated for less than half a month.

How dare he want to fight a Half-step Grandmaster!

Are you drifting?

Lin Wu Hate twisted his head to look at Lin Mo, and then at the half-step Patriarch who was about to fight.

Buzzing back, he said.

“They dare to disrespect Master, I’ll get them killed!”

Er ……

Lin Mo’s resistance to this disciple’s filial piety was almost nil.

“Good disciple, not so much!”

“The most important thing for you now is to cultivate well, wait until you are strong in the future!”

“Protect me well at that time!”

Lin Mo did not expect that this was originally just a joke.

But in the future, it had become true.

When he was on the verge of death, it was Lin Wu Hate who came out strong and killed him!

To save the building from falling.

Of course, this was all an afterthought.

Right now the sight returned to the battle of the Half-step Patriarchs.

With the agility of the Ghost Shadow Step, Director Qiu was several lengths ahead of the Ma Bonder chain.

Both sides approached.

Director Qiu raised his hand and slapped a vicious palm at Hector’s door.

“A small skill!”

Hector snorted coldly and responded with a fist!

The two companions behind him were just about to step forward and surround Director Qiu.

Only before the two of them could make a move.

A thick and heavy large sword lost its way down, sealing the route of the duo’s thousand gold.

“Your opponent is me!”

Ma Bangde said in a slightly testy voice as he carried his greatsword.

Just as he was pretending to cup, there came a furious scolding from Director Qiu behind him.

“Ma Bangde, you old six!”

“I said I’d fight two to one!”

Ma Bangde didn’t turn around, “With that strength of yours it’s better to save your breath!”

With that, he once again swung the large knife on his shoulder.

The sharp, cold aura struck straight towards the two half-step Zongshi in front of him.