Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3798

“Just explain it clearly, we are a proper tavern and will not harm anyone.” Lin Mo said.

“It’s this little servant of mine who doesn’t know any better, I hope you will forgive him for once, he was also eager to save me.”

And the little servant was groundless at this point, not daring to look at Lin Mo.

“Just now I was unconscious, but my ears could still hear, if the tavern owner hadn’t saved me in time, I would have died!

What’s the use of looking for that miracle doctor, just a little cough and he hasn’t cured it for half a year! What a quack!”

The Tang patriarch was furious and educated the boy.

“Patriarch, I was wrong, I was too young to know the divine doctor, so I delayed the treatment for you.”

“Apologise to the divine doctor! Slap yourself and don’t stop if the divine doctor doesn’t forgive you!”

The boy could only slap himself, and the arrogance in his eyes from earlier had disappeared.

“I wonder what the divine doctor’s name is?”

“My humble servant, Mo Lin.”

Patriarch Tang looked at Lin Mo with an admiring face and tsked in praise, “Young, talented, proficient in medicine, and opening such a large Mo-style tavern hotel, what a heaven-sent wonder!”

“Patriarch Tang overpraised me, I also relied on my two seniors, Boss Black and Curator Liu, to make the shop what it is.”

Hearing Lin Mo’s words, Boss Black and Curator Liu at the side couldn’t help but straighten their backs, knowing that Lin Mo was praising himself in front of Patriarch Tang! What an honour that was!

From now on, which power in Block 3 wouldn’t have to look at the two of them in a higher light.

“Mo-style people are all good materials with a promising future.”

Cough …… cough …… Patriarch Tang finished and coughed again.

Seeing this, Lin Mo turned around and took a bottle of Chen Pi wine from the wine cabinet and poured it into a wine goblet, then took a small bottle out of his arms and put a drop into the Chen Pi wine and handed it to Tang Yuanzheng.

“This is the cough wine I made based on your pulse just now, how about you try it?”

Tang Yuanzheng took the wine goblet and drank it down, only to feel the heat in his stomach, quite comfortable.

A few seconds later, the Chen Pi medicinal wine exerted its pharmacological effects in his body, opening up the blocked qi veins in Tang Yuanzheng’s lungs and internal organs, regulating and smoothing the breath of his five organs, and immediately stopped his cough.

“God, I now just feel that my chest is no longer stuffy, my breathing is smooth and my throat is not uncomfortable.”

Boss Black and Curator Liu secretly sighed in admiration, they didn’t expect that this Lin Mo was actually a divine doctor, now that he had cured Patriarch Tang’s coughing problem, they could follow suit, following the right leader could really save many years of effort!

Lin Mo added a few more drops of medicinal liquid to the remaining Chen Pi wine and gave it to Tang Yuanzheng.

“Patriarch Tang, you can take this bottle of medicinal wine back with you and drink a few cups of it every day to completely recover from your coughing problem.”

“Thank you so much, little brother Molin! Please feel free to come to my Tang family’s estate as a guest, and I will be sure to offer you my hospitality!”

After saying this, Tang Yuanzheng pulled out a black card from the leather bag he had with him and handed it to Lin Mo.

“This is the Black Diamond Card of the Tang Family Zhuang Yuan, just show this card when you come, I will leave your business alone, see you next time!”

Tang Yuanzheng took the Chen Pi medicinal wine and left the tavern contentedly.

The onlookers once again let out a gasp of surprise, “What kind of super VIP treatment is this!”

Boss Black and Curator Liu rushed closer to see that it was actually the Black Diamond Card that the Tang Family Chuang Yuan only gave out in a limited number of three!

I heard that those who possessed this card could be equal in status to the Tang Clan Chief and share the same power.

“Cough …… cough …… Boss Mo, may I ask if you can sell me a bottle of that Chen Pi medicinal wine that you made?”

Only to see a wealthy merchant walking away from the onlooking guests, respectfully approaching Lin Mo.

“There are not enough ingredients for the medicinal wine liquid today, so I may not be able to sell it to you.”

Lin Mo felt apologetic, he had only casually filled a small half bottle of medicinal liquid on his person today and had just poured it all into Tang Yuanzheng’s wine in one go.

“Boss Mo, I have plenty of money, please also make a bottle for me, I have been curing this old asthma for years but have never seen any improvement, I see that Patriarch Tang’s coughing problem is somewhat similar to mine, so I would like to ask for a bottle.”