Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3797

On the first day of its opening, the hotel tavern held a grand opening ceremony.

Lin Mo instructed the two owners not to charge a penny on the opening day, and as a result, the tavern was full of guests during the day and the hotel rooms were full at night!

The third block is full of people who love to take advantage of the prices, because the prices of these two shops are positioned in such a way that basically at least half of the people can’t afford to spend money normally.

On the second day of opening, all the prices were restored and at least half the guests came less than on the day of opening.

But it is this remaining half that is the stable clientele attached to the positioning of the shops.

They were the wealthy merchants of the third neighbourhood or the heads of one of the powers, with sufficient financial means.

At this moment, the tavern hall was full of people, and the smell of wine mixed with the smell of food was extraordinarily tempting.

“Someone, come and help!”

This urgent cry drew all the customers present to stop eating and come and watch.

“Someone please come and save my husband, he just drank the wine from this tavern and suddenly fainted and turned blue ah ……”

The crowd questioned, “Is there something wrong with this wine?”

“Where is the owner of the tavern? It’s only been a few days since it opened and it’s already killing people!”

The waiter hurriedly went to find Director Liu, who was horrified at the sight, this fainted was none other than one of the top powers in Block 3, the Tang Yuanzheng Tang clan leader!

If he died in the tavern, the business would not be able to continue!

“Hurry up and get Boss Molin, just say something big!”

“What’s wrong?”

The waiter was just about to go and look for it when he bumped into Lin Mo who had walked into the tavern.

“You’re the big boss of this tavern? If Patriarch Tang’s life is lost here today, you’ll be waiting to be hacked to death by a chaotic sword!”

Lin Mo ignored the boy who had come up and bitten off more than he could chew, and went straight to checking Tang Yuanzheng’s pulse.

The customers of the tavern came to watch.

“This boss is out of luck, I think this Patriarch Tang has no chance of survival.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, can’t you see that this boss is checking Patriarch Tang’s pulse? Maybe he can be saved.”

“He’s young, he’s just pretending, trying to take advantage of the opportunity to get rid of the charges.”

Lin Mo probed this Tang Yuanzheng, his qi veins were blocked, his breathing was not smooth, and his five organs’ breath was disordered, so he should have been suffering from a coughing disease for many years.

“Does the Tang patriarch suffer from a coughing disorder?”

Lin Mo asked the young man next to the Tang patriarch.

“The patriarch is suffering from a coughing disorder, but it’s not serious, and he became like this after drinking the wine from your tavern! There must be something wrong with your wine!”

“Whether it’s the wine or not, the truth will naturally come out when he wakes up.”

Lin Mo saw that the boy had put all the blame on the tavern without distinguishing between red and white, so he could only heal Tang Yuanzheng first before he could prove himself innocent in front of everyone.

Lin Mo drew out his silver needle, which he had not used for a long time, and was about to pierce the important acupuncture points in Tang Yuanzheng’s lungs when he did not expect the boy to be very difficult.

“You’re not trying to kill and silence me, are you? I think I’d better ask the Hui Chun divine doctor for Patriarch Tang to take a look.”

“If you want your patriarch to die faster, then I won’t stop you.”

Knowing the seriousness of the matter, the boy had to give up his position to allow Lin Mo to examine him.

If anything really went wrong with Tang Yuanzheng, he was bound to die himself.

Lin Mo continued to apply the needles, and before the crowd could distinguish the thickness and length of the silver needles, Lin Mo had already precisely stabbed three silver needles into the acupuncture points.

After a gentle twist, along with a violent cough from Tang Yuanzheng, a mouthful of wine stuffed in his lungs and trachea was shaken out!

Looking again, Tang Yuanzheng’s face was no longer blue and gradually regained its natural colour.

“What a divine doctor! With just three stitches, he has brought Patriarch Tang back to life!”

“I didn’t expect the owner of this tavern to know the art of healing!”

After Tang Yuanzheng’s breath had smoothed out, he hurriedly thanked Lin Mo: “Just now, when I was drinking wine, my coughing problem happened to have broken out, and a cough choked the wine in my mouth into my windpipe.

As a result, I was suffocating. Luckily, you saved me, otherwise my old bones would have died early!”

Having received Tang Yuanzheng’s affirmation, the customers in the tavern all cast a different look at Lin Mo.