Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3796

“Just bandage me up, and as for Curator Liu, throw him out!”

“No need to bother Shopkeeper Black, I’ll go on my own.”

Curator Liu covered his thigh and walked out of the hotel door trembling, two waiters came immediately from the opposite tavern and helped him back.

“Curator, we wanted to go into the hotel to pick you up, but this black-hearted hotel just wouldn’t let us in.”

“It’s just that, until tomorrow everything is a different story, both their hotel and our tavern will have a new leader, and another power will be born in Block 3!”

It was dawn.

The two men each carried all their belongings to Lin Mo’s room.

Heh! These two bosses really had a lot of private stash!

Together, they had 80 million Maple Leaf Coins! It showed how much they usually ate people and made themselves out to be so poor.

“Allocate ten million for one person, transform the tavern and hotel into the highest level of business in Block 3, replace all the wine in the tavern with century old wine, and create a high class spa in the hotel.”

“And what will the name be, sir?”

“After me, of course, Maureen Mo.”

“Yes, Boss Mo.”

“Within three days, make sure it’s finished, or don’t want the antidote.”

Three days? For such a large project, three months was more like it.

Only the duo didn’t dare to disobey Lin Mo, otherwise they would really have to die if they couldn’t get the antidote.

Next, the duo started recruiting engineers and architects with a lot of heavy money, and in no time, almost all the construction workers in Block 3 gathered here.

The tavern and hotel began to be built on a large scale, creating both buildings on all fronts.

Expensive and luxurious building materials were brought in in turn, and on the first day, the framework was built.

On the second day, all the hard and soft furnishings were in place and a magnificent scene emerged.

On the third day, the hotel’s dream-like spa pavilion was completed, with the tavern’s century-old wine and top chefs in place.

“Boss, the renovation has been completed as you instructed, please go and inspect.”

Lin Mo followed Boss Black into the front door of the hotel, only to see that the five-star configuration of the hotel was glorious and open, and when he walked into the lobby he was even dazzled by the crystal lights on the ceiling.

Rows of beautiful young waiters lined up in two lines, and when they saw Lin Mo, they bent down in unison to greet him.

When he walked into the room, the white soft bed, all silk fabric bedding, leather sofa, private parlor, entertainment office facilities are all available.

“Well done, leaving it to someone with experience really saves your mind.”

Lin Mo casually praised Boss Black, who rushed forward, “Boss, you are satisfied, can I have the antidote now?”

“Have you set the price for these rooms?”

Boss Black hurriedly handed the pricing list on the table to Lin Mo.

“Single room 10,000, double room 20,000, large bed room 15,000, view room 30,000 ……”

What a guy! Each room type had directly doubled ten times!

“The pricing is slightly high, drop it a bit.”


Then Lin Mo took out an antidote, and Boss Black couldn’t wait to take it and swallow it.

In his heart, he thought to himself, now that he was relieved of the poison, he no longer had to be under Lin Mo’s control and planned to bolt while he had the chance.

“I forgot to tell you, the antidote is divided into ten courses of treatment, taking it once every six months and ten capsules in five years, before the remaining poison is completely cleared.”

Boss Black almost spurted a mouthful of old blood onto the floor.

Then Lin Mo went across the street to the tavern to inspect the results.

The lobby was decorated with sets of small-leaf rosewood dining tables and chairs, emitting a faint woody aroma, and further in was the wine display area.

All kinds of vintage wines are available, as are wine glasses and stemware, and on the second and third floors there are seats in the VIP rooms.

Lin Mo tried a few more small dishes for the wine, all of which tasted excellent.

“This is for you.” Curator Liu respectfully took the antidote next.

In fact, Lin Mo hadn’t poisoned the wounds at all, what they ate was just a flour dumpling that Lin Mo had casually rolled.

“Tomorrow is the official opening, so the two owners should work hard to get customers.”