Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3461

Huan Bing’s expression was dumbfounded, then he pointed at himself and said in some disbelief.

“You mean that I should be the island master?”

Lin Mo nodded at him, there was indeed no more suitable candidate than Heng Bing.

Heng Bing was the daughter of the previous Island Master, and this status alone was already sufficient.

The previous Island Master had come to this island when he was young.

Restoration was carried out on a desolate island, and then gradually more people came.

He was then also nominated by the people as the new island master.

Hengbing’s face was a little hesitant as she wondered if she could do well in this position of island master or not.

“Mr Maureen, can I ask why you would make me the Island Master?”

Heng Bing lifted him up to look at Lin Mo and opened her mouth to ask.

“Isn’t this your ideal, do you not want to be in this position?”

“No, I do!”

A strong fighting spirit appeared in Heng Bing’s eyes as he spoke to Lin Mo.

This island had been taken care of by his father before.

He himself could definitely rule the island well, just like his father did.

“Good, Miss Heng Bing, let me make the next arrangements.”

After Lin Mo said softly, he retreated straight away.

When Hua Qiang from afar saw Lin Mo come out, he hurriedly beckoned.

“Brother Mo Lin, come here for a moment!”

Lin Mo stepped over and looked at Hua Qiang as he asked.

“Brother Qiang, what’s wrong?”

Hua Qiang’s finger pointed at the members of the Abyssal Union who were crouched on the ground.

“What do we do with these people now?”

Lin Mo looked at the densely packed crowd crouching on the ground and said after a moment of contemplation.

“For the time being, we’ll keep them all in custody, we can’t directly use them now.”

“Otherwise once they carry out a rebellion, we will definitely suffer a series of losses.”

Hua Qiang’s face revealed a look of difficulty, “But where do we put so many people?”

A smirk appeared on Lin Mo’s face as his gaze looked towards the middle of the island.

“We don’t have a place, but the inspector’s office does.”


In the inspector’s mansion.

A junior captain hurriedly ran to the door of the House Master and said loudly.

“House Master, it’s not good!”

His urgent voice made everyone look sideways straight away.

“What’s the panic, what did I teach you guys on a regular basis?”

A cold chortle came from the House Master’s house, very displeased with the young captain for being so loud.

“House Master, the Abyssal Union and the Powerworkers Union are at war, and now Shang Yuan Long Yi is dead!”

“The Abyssal Union has surrendered to the Powerworkers Union en ma*se!”

The moment the young captain’s words came out, the entire Inspector’s Mansion was silent.

The Power Workers’ Union had already destroyed the Evil Union in the west before.

And now they had destroyed the Abyssal Union!

This meant that only the Power Workers’ Union existed on the entire island.

The dominance of one union made everyone in the inspector’s office nervous.

If the Power Workers’ Union had any different intentions.

Can the government really stand up to a union that has gathered the power of three docks?

There was a sudden clanging sound from the main gate of the Government House, which had been closed all year round since the last attack by the docks.

The main gate of the Government House was gradually pulled open and a figure appeared behind it.

At once, everyone in the inspector’s house was once again shocked.

The paperwork in the junior captain’s palm fell directly to the ground lightly.

He couldn’t believe that the head of his inspector’s house would be the one he usually saw all the time.

“Everyone set up a procession at the entrance of the Inspector’s House.”

“Prepare to welcome the arrival of Mr. Morin, Vice President of the Forceworkers’ Union.”

The junior captain who was about to say something heard which familiar oppressive voice.

In the end, he nodded silently and turned to go out to make the arrangements.

The Government Master’s chubby face was filled with a serious look.

The face was none other than Zhu Tong who had wanted to drag Lin Mo into the inspector’s house in the first place!