Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3459

Lin Mo just shook his head gently and said softly.

“No matter, since the matter is over.”

“Then Miss Huan Bing should please leave as early as possible.”

Now, the Abyssal Union’s Shang Yuan Long Yi was dead.

But the Abyssal Union’s men and horses were all still kneeling in a distant place.

Lin Mo as well as the Forceworkers’ Union had to deal with all those people first.

A look of consternation appeared on Huan Bing’s face.

Was this guy just so desperate to drive himself away?

Huan Bing still had some confidence in her own looks, but this guy just ignored it like that?


Huan Bing hesitated for a moment, but still spoke out to call out to Lin Mo.

Lin Mo turned around to look at Huan Bing and said in a deep voice.

“Miss Huan Bing, is there anything else, we’re very busy right now.”

“I can help you guys.”

Huan Bing didn’t know why she had said such words.

The turmoil within her heart could not be cared for.

She must be trying to make her father’s island a better place herself.

Her finger pointed to the Abyssal Union soldiers who had fallen to their knees in the distance, not knowing what to do.

“What do you have in mind?”

Lin Mo looked towards Huan Bing and asked in a soft voice.

These soldiers of the Abyssal Union were quite numerous.

The Powerworkers Union definitely couldn’t place them all for a while.

But if they were all left unattended, it was inevitable that some kind of villain with ill intentions would appear.

So how to house these Abyssal Union men also became a problem.

“I can have my men temporarily watch them with you to stop them from causing trouble.”

Huan Bing’s eyes that looked like a pool of autumn water looked at Lin Mo and said in a small voice.

“Then what does Miss Huan Bing need as payment?”

Hearing Lin Mo’s word of reward, Huan Bing waved her hand repeatedly and said.

“No, no, you helped me avenge my father’s murder, you have been kind to me.”

“How can we talk about any reward for such trivial matters.”

A slight smile appeared on Lin Mo’s face as he said with a smile.

“Then thank you Miss Huan Bing, since you have helped our Powerworkers Union, then you are our friend.”

“Do you need a sip of tea?”

Lin Mo’s attitude was very different from before.

The previous Huan Bing was at most an enemy of an enemy to Lin Mo and the Powerworkers’ Union.

But now since he was willing to help himself and the others.

Then Lin Mo was also naturally extending his hand and being polite.

“Since you’ve invited me, then I’ll have a small drink for a while.”

A smile appeared on Huan Bing’s face as he nodded at Lin Mo.

Although he was a little surprised that Huan Bing would agree to it straight away, Lin Mo’s face did not change.

“Good, then I’ll take you there.”

Lin Mo nodded and walked ahead to lead the way for Huan Bing.

“This gentleman, I don’t know the name?”

Huan Bing followed behind Lin Mo and asked him.

“Mo Lin.”

The only person who recognized Lin Mo on the entire island was the Human Snake Envoy.

So that guy had been killed by Lin Mo.

The matter of him coming to the West Vientiane Islands to investigate the supplies had always been hidden.

If that group of guys who had seized the supplies had known the news of Lin Mo’s arrival.

They would definitely hurry to collect themselves and hide their horses to the extreme.

“Molin, where are you from?”

A look of helplessness appeared on the face of Lin Mo who was walking ahead.

The valiant Huan Bing of a moment ago and the lively and active one who kept striking up conversations now were simply two people.

“I’m from the Wanxiang Kingdom, and I had no way to escape from it because I had offended the Chief Financial Officer.”

Lin Mo casually made up a reason to tell Huan Bing.

If the Finance Minister who was in the Wanxiang Kingdom had heard Lin Mo’s words.

He would have cried out loudly, “That’s not what you said when you beat me on the board.”

“That Chief Finance Minister is so bad, he bullies you even when you are so nice, he is simply not a thing!”