Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3451

The strong man’s words and the look of resignation on his face caused all those around him to fall silent.

They then took a step forward in unison and spoke.

“Please show us proof that you have that much money in your bag.”

“Otherwise we’ll decide that you’re scamming our brothers!”

Lin Mo, who was standing not far away, looked at them and a look of relief flashed in his eyes.

At least this small group was still trusting each other.

As for other things, in the presence of trust.

Naturally, it was a handful.

The thin man standing in front of the group was startled as he watched a group of strong men come forward in unison.

The whole man took a step backwards of his own accord, fear flashing in his eyes.

“What are you all up to!”

“I kindly gave you ten maple leaf coins for unloading, and this is how you treat me?”

“Not only am I going to the inspector’s office, I’m also going to the Abyssal Union’s Chairman Ryuichi Uemoto High.”

“People don’t cover up like you guys do!”

Lin Mo’s eyes on the periphery of the crowd narrowed slightly.

Sure enough, this was his real purpose, what with moving goods and losing money.

It was all an excuse to find something to do.

“Good, well said!”

“Brothers of the Powerworkers Union, it’s not me who says that you guys this ……”

A somewhat sighing voice rang out from afar.

Lin Mo faintly glanced sideways towards the distance.

Ryuichi Uemoto, dressed in an elegant suit, strolled over from afar.

He was followed by a dozen of men who looked fierce.

He looked with a regretful expression at the burly men surrounding the skinny men on the dock.

“It’s just a bit too much bullying.”

The appearance of Ryuichi Uemoto caused a flash of joy and rea*surance to pa*s through the skinny man’s eyes.

Although it quickly rolled over and disappeared.

But Lin Mo took it all in.

It seemed like this thing today had come to bang.

“President of the Abyssal Union, coming to my Powerworkers Union’s docks privately, do you want to die?”

A voice full of killing intent rang out at the dock.

Hua Qiang casually placed a box of goods on the ground, and his thick eyebrows and big eyes stared firmly at Uemoto Ryuichi.

Although he was not very clever in the head.

But he also knew that the president of another dock had barged into his own dock privately.

This was a mad attempt to tease himself as well as the forceworkers’ union.

Uemoto Ryuichi looked at Hua Qiang’s eyes as if he wanted to kill, and said with an unchanged face.

“Don’t say that, Chairman Hua Qiang, I’m just here to do justice today.”

“After all, Chairman Hua Qiang your men are all bullying each other with their power, this is not okay.”

“You bullsh*t, our brothers have said no!”

“Chairman, beat this motherf*cker to death.”

Uemoto Ryuichi’s words directly aroused the emotions of everyone in front of Lin Mo.

One by one, they glared angrily at Uemoto Ryuichi.

Hua Qiang’s face was gloomy, and the anger on his face could barely be suppressed.

In the next moment, the power-filled body directly sprinted in an instant.

The whole man attacked Uemoto Ryuichi’s body with the speed of lightning.

A huge fist was aimed at Uemoto Ryuichi’s cheek.

Uemoto Ryuichi’s pupils shrank slightly, and then a hint of interest appeared on his face.

The thin body turned directly and slightly sideways, dodging along the edge of Hua Qiang’s fist.

And at a time when Hua Qiang’s old strength had just gone and new strength had not yet been created.

A fist hitched directly onto Hua Qiang’s body full of muscles.

Hua Qiang’s whole body was knocked backwards several steps by this punch from Ryuichi Uemoto, and his face heaved up.

“This is fake, isn’t it ……”

“Didn’t I hear that that Uemoto Ryuichi’s hand has no power, how come it’s so strong?”

“I don’t know, once something happens to the president, let’s just set fire to it!”

The strong men of the Powerworkers Union watched Hua Qiang being knocked back with a single punch.

A look of worry pa*sed through their eyes.

Their hands had already started to touch the weapons on their waists.

“Chairman Hua Qiang, are you still coming? “