Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3447

“Then President Ryuichi Uemoto must be careful on his way back.”

“It’s so dark now, don’t give yourself a fall while walking.”

Lin Mo smiled and patted Uemoto Ryuichi’s shoulder as he said to him.

“Sure sure.”

Uemoto Ryuichi gave a dry laugh, and then hesitantly turned around and walked away.

Quickly returning to the distant woods, Shang Yuan Ryuichi’s face was incomparably gloomy.

“Boss, so are we going back now?”

One of the Abyssal Union’s junior brothers looked at Uemoto Ryuichi and asked in a soft voice.

“What else, you’re still going up to start a war with someone?”

Just now, Uemoto Ryuichi had observed.

The Powerworkers’ Union didn’t have much damage at all.

And their morale was now at a high level.

If they went up there at this time, it would be like looking for sh*t.

“Come back with me first, we’ll talk about the rest later.”

Ryuichi Uemoto only wanted to hurry back with his people now.

Then bite off a piece of flesh from the power that One-Eye and the Evil Union had been operating for years.

He himself had lost so much face this time, he absolutely could not just let it go.

Seeing Shang Yuan Long Yi’s wretched back leaving.

Hua Qiang turned to Lin Mo and asked, “Just let this guy go?”

“Well, even if we go and leave them behind, the cost won’t be small.”

“There are a lot of people hiding in the woods far behind him, and the brothers are not in good shape right now.”

“It’s not suitable to go to war.”

Hua Qiang nodded and shouted to the burly men behind him.

“One by one, what are you still standing there for, hurry up and get to work!”

One by one, the strong men once again escorted the captives.

And Lin Mo as well as Hua Qiang took up the duties of the builders.


Westside Docks Evil Union.


The envoy fiercely hammered the tabletop.

He hadn’t expected that punk One-Eye, just die and involve himself.

Now everyone on top of the entire island knew about the Evil Union at the West Pier.

It was actually the Human Snake Organisation.

The biggest reason why everyone feared the Human Snake Organisation was because of its mystery and power.

But now, after the exposure of the West Pier as the power of the Human Snake Organisation.

Even though everyone was afraid of the Human Snake Organisation, the mystery of the Human Snake Organisation had disappeared from their hearts.

As long as they feel they have the power to defeat the Human Snake Organisation, they will definitely fight to the death.

As soon as they feel that they have the power to defeat the Human Snake Organisation, they will definitely attack the organisation without fear of death.

They wanted to bite a piece of flesh off their bodies.

The envoy was dressed in a dark green cloak and had a snake man mask on his face.

He now looked gloomy and uncertain under the mask, and was frantically thinking of countermeasures.

If he were to sit and wait by himself.

Then wait for the news to get back to the organisation.

His own position as a special envoy would definitely have to be shaken.

He would even be pulled down from his position as envoy.

By then, he would no longer have the position of envoy to deter.

Those people who had a grudge against him would definitely not let go of this opportunity.

They would just come up and tear themselves apart!

That’s right.

The best way now is to exterminate then docks.

Use the names of everyone at which dock to answer to the organization.

Now only then can one have a step of reprieve.

But right now he simply didn’t have the manpower he could use.

He had come at the time knowing that One-Eye had long since pulled together a team.

He hadn’t asked anyone to come and follow him at all.

But now there were so many people in the evil gang that One-Eye had pulled together.

Those who died, those who were captured and those who fled would not come back to serve him.

Surely they would not come back to serve themselves.

For today’s sake it seemed that even for himself, he would have to find allies.

The envoy’s gaze turned in the direction of the east.

The eyes beneath the mask were sinister and ruthless.

The Abyssal worker saw the scene tonight.

Will that Ryuichi Uemoto still be able to sleep?