Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3430

Looking at Lin Mo’s figure did not move at all.

Wang Er’s eyes became more and more tyrannical.

His fist carried a fist wind that ruthlessly attacked towards Lin Mo’s cheek.


Just as Wang Er’s fist was about to strike Lin Mo’s face.

His arm suddenly lifted up and grabbed Wang Er’s fist with one hand.

Wang Er’s face turned red and he was unable to break Lin Mo’s grip free with all his strength.

And the soldiers of the inspector’s residence behind Wang Er suddenly burst into an uproar.

They could never have imagined that Wang Er, who had just taken his time with confidence, would be grabbed by Lin Mo.

“What’s wrong with Captain Wang Er, how did he get his palm grabbed by that guy.”

“That’s right, what is Captain Wang Er doing?”

“That guy looks so soft and weak, how could he possibly be stronger than Captain Wang Er.”

Their voices were filled with an unbelievable look.

“Brother Molin is awesome, beat that son of a b*tch from the inspector’s office to death!” ,

“I didn’t expect big brother Mo Lin to be deep in hiding, he actually subdued that guy so easily.”

“That’s right, you don’t even see who recruited Brother Molin.”

The burly men at the pier did let out a startling cheer.

One by one, they looked at the soldiers of the inspector’s house with mocking eyes.

They did not speak at the moment, but no sound was better than a sound.

“Untie me!”

Wang Er over here was firmly clenched in Lin Mo’s fist and couldn’t break free with all the strength in his body.

The disbelieving voices of the soldiers of the inspector’s residence behind him struck hard in his heart .

Wang Er’s heart rose with a monstrous rage.

His body was covered in veins and his left hand turned into a fist as he punched at Lin Mo’s body fiercely.

Lin Mo’s face did not change in the slightest in the face of Wang Er’s ferocious attack.

The palm of his hand directly exerted force and shifted directly to one side.

Wang Er’s left fist struck directly on top of his own right arm.


Wang Er couldn’t help but let out a low roar of pain.

Lin Mo’s palm once again exerted a slight force, and a toothsome sound came out from Wang Er’s hand.


Wang Er could no longer suppress his pain and directly hissed out loudly.

“Did I read it right …… Captain Wang Er he ……”

“He was actually beaten directly by that guy without a single blow.”

A soldier slapped himself hard on the face.

After confirming that it was painful, an unbelievable look pa*sed through the eyes of the soldier from the inspector’s office.

He simply couldn’t imagine.

Captain Wang Er, who was usually full of authority and coldness, would actually be at this moment.

An ordinary youth who looked thin and feeble had subdued him straight away.

He even let out a miserable scream of pain.

“You dare to touch me, I’m a junior captain of the inspector’s office!”

“If you move me, you are slapping the face of the Lord of the House.”

“The Lord of the House will definitely not spare you, all of you, even the docks, will be burnt!”

A look of fear had appeared in Wang Er’s eyes as he looked at Lin Mo.

This youth had not changed his mood in the slightest from beginning to end.

Plain, as plain as death.

What kind of person was he?

Wang Er at this moment wanted to immediately go back and give his nephew, who was not good enough to do anything, a

A brutal beating, and then ask in anger.

A person like Lin Mo was simply not something he, Wang Er, could see as well as provoke.

If Wang Er had immediately knelt down and begged for mercy Lin Mo might still have let him get hurt a little lighter for the sake of his knowledge of the times.

Unfortunately, he had not expected that the latter would still keep threatening himself even now.

Lin Mo’s white palm was placed on Wang Er’s shoulder, and the next moment.


Pig-killing screams rushed up into the sky.

Wang Er’s eyes had gradually gone white.

His arm …… was shattered!

“I …… was wrong, please don’t …… let me go.”