Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3426

Under the night, the docks are filled with fire at the moment.

One by one, the men sit on top of the piles of goods with happy smiles on their faces.

In front of them was a bonfire.

Today Hua Qiang was welcoming Lin Mo as well as Zhang San and the others.

A bonfire party had been specially held on the pier.

At this moment, Lin Mo was sitting at the edge of the pier, and in front of him were Hua Qiang, Zhang San and the others.

Hua Qiang brought down the roast lamb that was set up above the bonfire.

“Brother Molin, try my handiwork.”

Hua Qiang changed the direction of some lamb skewers he was holding and handed them to Lin Mo.

“Thank you Brother Qiang.”

Lin Mo took the meat skewers in Hua Qiang’s hand and thanked him.

“Hahaha, what’s polite, we’re all our own brothers from now on.”

“How’s the taste?”

“Very good.”

Hearing Lin Mo’s approval, Hua Qiang’s face instantly revealed a proud smile.

“That’s right, this craft of mine isn’t just about roasting lamb.”

“Back when I was hanging out in the mountains, I didn’t eat a lot of rabbit meat, wild mountain chicken and the like.”

Hearing Hua Qiang mention his past, Lin Mo lifted his head and asked.

“What did Brother Qiang do in the past?”

Hearing Lin Mo ask about his past, Hua Qiang’s face showed a hint of hesitation.

But seeing Lin Mo’s calm face, he still opened his mouth and said.

“It’s not a big secret, Brother Mo Lin you are a merchant, you must also know about the Wanxiang Kingdom.”

Lin Mo nodded his head.

He knew about the Wanxiang Kingdom when he was a human.

Even his position among the Wanxiang Kingdom was one of the best now.

“I was originally a forest ranger in the mountains of the Wanxiang Kingdom, dealing with the flowers and trees in the mountains, as well as the beasts every day.”

“And because I’ve been exercising since I was a child, my body is that much stronger.”

Lin Mo took a glance at Hua Qiang’s body full of tendon meat.

A green tendon was like a swimming dragon swimming around his body.

Such a body was considered to be …… a little stronger than an ordinary person.

Although Lin Mo was able to suppress Hua Qiang with a single palm, but it has to be said.

For a wild man like Hua Qiang to have the strength he has today is also extremely unusual.

“Then one day when I was out patrolling the mountain, I suddenly saw a group of people.”

“They were wearing black clothes and had placed the tiger king’s cubs on the mountain in a trap.”

“And the cries of the cubs drew the furious tiger king from the mountain.”

“The group had one of the tranquilliser guns in their hands and I realised they were trying to capture the king tiger.”

“It was too late for me to call someone on the phone, so I rushed straight out.”

“Later, the Tiger King saved his cubs and I was captured by them.”

There was no regret in Hua Qiang’s words.

He had fulfilled his duty to protect that mountain forest and the rare animals in it.

“Then the Wanxiang Kingdom didn’t send anyone to look for you?”

Hearing Lin Mo’s words, a smile appeared on Hua Qiang’s face.

“I’m a forest ranger, that’s so important, after so long, I guess I would already think I’m dead in the mountains and forests.”

“Like the ones who stopped clocking in for a month would be ruled dead straight away, I guess a new ranger has already taken my place.”

“There are times here when I feel pretty good to stay with such a big group of brothers.”

Hua Qiang’s original self-talk had turned into self-talk.

Perhaps even he didn’t know what he was saying at the moment.

There is an old Chinese saying that is very true.

A golden nest is better than one’s own dog’s nest.

Lin Mo was silent for a moment before finally speaking.

“Then, Brother Qiang, do you want to return to the Wanxiang Kingdom?”

Hearing Lin Mo’s words, Hua Qiang laughed and said cheerfully.

“Definitely want to go back, if I do I’ll still go back to be my forest ranger!”