Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3423

“Brother Lin Mo, you’ve finally arrived, the brothers have your place all ready.”

A big grinning voice rang out from afar.

Hua Qiang, who was wearing a vest, walked over from afar.

With his two-metre height and strong muscles, the first glance would make others think that this was the gangster.

Lin Mo gave a slight nod of greeting to Hua Qiang, then spoke.

“Brother Qiang, let me introduce to you, this is Zhang San.”

“Master’s degree in law from the Maple Leaf country.”

Hearing Lin Mo’s introduction, Hua Qiang gave a kind smile to Zhang San.

Although he felt that this little Ou Jean was already very kind.

However, in Zhang San’s eyes it looked a bit fierce and vicious.

He silently took a step towards Lin Mo’s back, and his whole body stood behind him.

Hua Qiang looked at Zhang San’s dodging figure and gave an awkward smile.

“Brother Qiang, when I heard the other day that we were short of an accountant here, I brought Zhang San over.”

“Although he studied law, he knows a lot in arithmetic.”

“It’s more than enough to be an accountant.”

Lin Mo’s words made Hua Qiang’s entire body dawn on him, and his eyes were about to burst into golden light as he looked at Zhang San’s figure.

Right, why hadn’t he thought of that himself.

Hua Qiang had a splitting headache almost on every day when he went to look at those documents.

Those dense numbers were like a magic spell cursing Hua Qiang, making him only eat five bowls of food every day.

“Brother Zhang San, don’t be so formal? Come, come, come.”

Hua Qiang dragged Zhang San out behind Lin Mo with a heavy smile on his face.

Zhang San was wrapped in Hua Qiang’s arms, his original height of one meter eight was like a small dwarf at the moment.

Feeling that pressure on his shoulders, Zhang San couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

“Qiang …… Qiang brother, can you let go of me first.”

How could Hua Qiang possibly agree to Zhang San.

Intellectuals on top of the West Vientiane Islands were too D*mn hard to find now.

And you have to be trustworthy after you find one.

Otherwise you wouldn’t even know that people had done tricks on your account.

But Zhang San was brought in by Lin Mo, and he looked very trustworthy.

Naturally, Hua Qiang could not let go of such a good intellectual.

What if he suddenly ran away?

With that, Hua Qiang took Zhang San directly by the arm and walked in the direction of the pier.

“Brother Qiang, it hurts, you’re pushing too hard!”

“San ah, this little body of yours won’t do.”

Hearing Zhang San’s miserable screams, everyone present couldn’t help but have a smile on their faces.

There were too few places where such a scene could be seen on the Western Wanxiang Islands.

The other docks were either a bunch of greedy-faced guys or various kinds of infighting constantly.

It was even normal for some of the bosses to change once a month.


The family compound of the inspector’s residence.

The day was getting dark, and Wang San was sitting in the courtyard with a stifled face.

He was now eating everything like chewing wax, and he kept wrestling the food in his hands.

A footstep gradually sounded, and Wang San’s face revealed a joyful look.

His own second uncle had returned!

A man wearing red cloth and silver armour walked in from outside.

The man’s large hawk nose and those sharp eyes made him look like he was not to be messed with.

The silver armour that rustled on his body was his most prized possession.

The so-called silver armour was just ordinary armour, a piece sewn onto a red tunic.

But it was such armour that was not available to ordinary people on this island.

Wang San stood up, a pained expression on his face as he limped towards the man.

“Second uncle, you must avenge me, second uncle.”

“Nephew I was beaten up this afternoon for no reason, woo woo! “