Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3413

Lin Mo nodded his head.

Not to mention seeing that the group of guys’ unsuspecting eyes were almost glued to Lin Mo’s body.

“That group of guys is the most powerful group on this island, the group of unions.”

“On top of every island, the most powerful force in general is the trade unions.”

“And what you said about investing in a factory is even more impossible to achieve, you a bit really built it.”

“Where else would the union recruit people from, you’re damaging their interests.”

Zhang San told the reason why he was so afraid of what Lin Mo said about investing in building a factory was the reason.

Once this matter had gotten out.

Those union people would definitely come to get rid of Lin Mo at all costs.

“Then, Lawyer Zhang San, apart from these, are there any other rules in this archipelago?”

Zhang San nodded his head.

With the maple leaf coins that Lin Mo handed over, he himself had to tell Lin Mo everything he knew.

“The other islands have generally speaking been put on complete notice.”

“But this island beneath our feet is different.”

Zhang San’s face was grave as he once again listened for any other sounds around him.

“There are two other docks on the east and west sides of this island respectively, and on them are other union members.”

“These three unions have been constantly grabbing the territory of this island, all wanting to become the ones in control.”

“But the strength of the three families is not too far apart, plus the island is not too big, so it’s just a stalemate.”

“There aren’t any outsiders coming to compete either.”

“Good, thanks a lot, Lawyer Zhang.”

Lin Mo smiled and nodded, intending to get up and walk away.

Behind him, Zhang San suddenly said to Lin Mo.

“Mr. Mo Lin, it’s better to find a hotel to stay for the night when it’s almost dark, it’s one of those stone houses.”

“Although it might be a bit more expensive, those hotels are covered by someone, so there will definitely be no trouble.”

“Once it gets dark, it won’t be as peaceful as during the day.”

“Also, make sure you don’t see any blood during the day, otherwise a bunch of guys purer than dogs will come looking for you!”

Zhang San’s tone was thick with indignation.

Lin Mo nodded gently.

Moving the wooden board out of the way, Lin Mo suddenly felt a strong breeze hit him.

A man dressed in a yellow sackcloth waistcoat, his body covered in muscles had a smug look on his face.

His calloused fist came ruthlessly towards Lin Mo’s body.

Lin Mo’s body exerted a slight force and his whole body gently flew backwards like a piece of paper.

The man in linen looked at Lin Mo as he dodged his fist and faintly stared, then said.

“I said why do you dare to go to Sin Island alone, it turns out that you have kung fu.”

Sin Island was the abbreviation for this archipelago by the people above the West Vientiane Islands.

It also fit the display perfectly, after all, ninety-nine percent of the people on it were some ten evil people.

“Unfortunately, it has long since ceased to be a world that relies on martial arts!”

A pistol with a flickering cold light suddenly appeared in the hands of the man in linen and was aimed directly at Lin Mo.

“You can’t see blood during the day on the island, you want to violate this rule?”

After hearing Lin Mo’s question, a surprised look appeared on the man in linen’s face.

Finally, he directly laughed out loud.

“Hahahaha, how did you say such a stupid thing.”

“The island is not allowed to see blood during the day, but I have a fine ready on me for a long time, just kill you.”

“That boat of yours will be mine, and by then it will be tens of thousands at the very least.”

After hearing the words of the man in sackcloth, the corners of Lin Mo’s mouth curled up into a smile.

“I bought that cruise ship for tens of millions of dollars, and you’re selling it for tens of thousands.”

“A newcomer is a newcomer, a ship on Sin Island is not worth anything.”

After hearing his words, Lin Mo nodded with a smile and said softly.

“Got it.”

A silver needle flew out instantly!