Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter Chapter 3412

After the two men had introduced themselves to each other, the middle-aged lawyer spoke up and asked.

“I wonder what kind of things you need to consult about?”

Lin Mo looked at the middle-aged lawyer and didn’t answer the question directly, but opened his mouth to ask.

“Lawyer Zhang, what did you commit to escape to this place?”

Lin Mo’s gaze glanced at some compressed food in the corner.

It looked like the other party was having a very bad time here as well.

When Zhang San heard Lin Mo’s words, a bitter smile appeared on his face.

“Since you asked, then I will tell you about it.”

“I used to excel in my studies when I was in Maple Leaf Country, always being at the top of my cla*s.”

“Then even when I got close to the top law university in the country, I was still the top top student in the whole school.”

“One night, I went out for a barbecue with a few roommates from my dorm.”

“We all drank a bit that night, and then a punk came in and teased, and those few students went right up and fought.”

“But I never went up there, and as I watched them get more and more aggressive, I was so scared that I just ran away.”

“I thought we’d be safe from then on, but I didn’t expect the police to find me at home the next morning.”

“Straight away they wanted to arrest me for manslaughter and I knew then that I had been set up by them.”

“So I went straight through the window and wandered overseas, and then I came here.”

After Zhang San’s words were finished, his entire face was full of sighs.

He really didn’t want to come to this place that was like hell at that time.

Every day, there were constant deaths as well as near-death events.

Zhang San had seen with his own eyes people being tied up straight away by a group of people and sent off to gut the good ones.

He had also seen good-looking women being forced in broad daylight and eventually even sold in kilns.

It can be said that the whole colour of the West Vientiane Islands is like a grey.

There were even people who specialized in catching some men as well as women to sell for money.

This was also the reason why Zhang San was careful every day.

“I want to invest in a factory over here and would like to ask you about some of the rules above the West Wanxiang Islands.”

Once Lin Mo’s words came out, Zhang San’s face instantly tensed up.

After listening sideways for half a day, he confirmed that there was no sound nearby before he spoke anxiously.

“Don’t you want to die?”

“I don’t know what cards you have, or what martial arts skills you have in your possession, but I’m going to tell you.”

“Just by yourself now, even if you have money, there is no way you can invest in building a factory here.”

Zhang San’s anxious and emphatic words caused Lin Mo’s eyes to ponder slightly, and then he said softly.

“I am new to this island, so I would also like to ask Lawyer Zhang San to carefully explain the rules of this island for me.”

Lin Mo took out a brand new pile of Maple Leaf coins from his pocket and placed it directly in front of Lawyer Zhang San.

Lin Mo knew that he and Zhang San were not relatives or friends.

If he wanted the other party to tell him all the unspoken rules of the West Vientiane Islands as well as the explicit rules.

Then the necessary wealth and money would be indispensable.

Zhang San looked at the maple leaf coins that Lin Mo placed directly in front of him and swallowed a mouthful of saliva on his own.

This much money was enough to save him from having to live in this shabby, small and unsafe wooden house.

Zhang San visually estimated that it was at least 20,000 to 30,000 maple leaf coins, enough for him to stay in a hotel for a month or two.

“Since Mr. Mo Lin is so sincere, then naturally I will say everything I know.”

“First of all, Mr. Lin Mo, the islands in the West Vientiane Archipelago are not large, but there are many of them.”

“The island we are on now is one of the smaller ones in the Western Vientiane Islands.”

“Did you see the group of guys on the dock on your way here? “