Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3404

Lin Mo followed Wang Laosan to his office.

Just as he entered, he saw several cloaked and ragged men standing in the office.

“These few men say they are from the Overseas Hong Clan and must see you.”

Wang Laosan pointed to the few men standing and said to Lin Mo.

He looked in good spirits.

And his entire body was a great deal more relaxed.

The people trained by the Martial Union could already get on board with the things of the Martial Union.

So Wang Laosan, the president, now didn’t have to stay up all night except to deal with some big matters.

He no longer had to stay up all night to work.

Those few ragged men saw Lin Mo and instantly their emotions came down.

“We are the Hongmen escorting supplies for Guangde Hall, and a group of pirates appeared when we were halfway through transporting the supplies.”

“The captain knew that we would definitely not be able to defeat those pirates, so he asked a few of us to come and seek your help, Hall Master.”

“Please, Hall Master, save the Captain and the others.”

The vice captain, covered in filth, knelt down in front of Lin Mo and kowtowed frantically.

“There is no need to do so, get up first.”

Lin Mo helped the kneeling Vice Captain up, his brows gently furrowed.

Two days ago, the Eclipsed Envoy had indeed sent himself a letter saying that the Hongmen had mobilised thirty tons of supplies.

It had set off towards itself on a giant ship.

But unexpectedly, they had actually been hijacked by pirates on the way.

“Where were you hijacked?”

“At sea in the Western Ocean, closer to the West Vientiane Islands!”

Lin Mo nodded and shouted to the door.

“Someone, take these few guests to wash up and try to complete their requests.”

After saying that, Lin Mo turned to look at the ragged vice captain and said softly.

“Your mission has been accomplished, now go and rest.”

“I’ll take care of the rest.”

Looking at Lin Mo, the vice captain nodded, trusting Lin Mo greatly.

In fact, Lin Mo’s reputation had long spread among the Hongmen.

A Patriarch-level powerhouse in his twenties.

This alone was enough to scare those guys in their 60s and 70s who had yet to break through the Patriarchate.

As he watched several people all walk out, Wang Laosan looked at Lin Mo with a questioning gaze.

Lin Mo turned and closed the door behind him and looked at Old Man Wang.

“Chairman Wang, have you heard of the Western Wanxiang Islands?”

Hearing Lin Mo’s query, a thoughtful look appeared on Wang Laosan’s face.

Only after a long time did he slowly speak.

“I have heard of it a little.”

“The Western Vientiane Islands are on the Western High Seas.”

“There are many islands up there, and the forces are mixed up.”

“Many unseemly transactions are carried out there, and several countries have tried to overthrow them several times.”

“But it was as if they were able to get the news in advance and withdrew early.”

“What those countries destroyed at great expense each time was just a few houses.”

“Over time, all the countries turned a blind eye to the Western Vientiane Islands.”

“The big countries would have ideas, but that place is surrounded by small countries.”

“Once the big countries say what they think, whether it’s true or not, the small countries will be worried and afraid.”

“As time goes on, the West Vientiane Islands will also become a place where illicit goods are traded.”

“Hongmen’s goods are probably being robbed by the Galle pirates up there.”

After Wang Laosan finished speaking, he took a sip of water to moisten his throat.

Just as he looked at Lin Mo again, he found that the latter was looking at himself with a strange gaze.

“Chairman Wang, did you used to be the head of the intelligence department?”

Lin Mo’s eyes were filled with a look of suspicion, and he was even wondering if Wang Laosan was an undercover agent that someone else had infiltrated.

Whether it was Hai Phong City or the West Vientiane Islands.

Although this guy couldn’t be very precise, he had said pretty much the same thing.

Could this be something that an ordinary person could have?