Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3391

Song Zhilan had long known that once they implemented the economic embargo.

The large and small businesses in Guangyang City were definitely going to be subject to fluctuations.

So directly under Lin Mo’s name, she sent out an article about acquiring backlogged parts.

Guangyang City was Lin Mo’s stronghold, so if small and large businesses went out of business.

It would definitely affect the development of Guangyang City as well as its stability.

Kyoto, in the Xu family compound.

Master Xu sat at the top of the parlour with a gloomy face.

On either side of him were Elder Xie and the head of the Lei family.

Behind the two were a dense crowd of small family patriarchs.

“Are all of your economic blockades for nothing, up to now there is still no chaos in Guangyang City!”

Elder Xu looked at everyone present with a grim gaze and questioned angrily.

In the past, once the economic monopoly was made to work, everyone would panic.

In the end, the serious ones would simply go bankrupt and the other party would be unable to accept the reality and jump to their death.

But what angered Elder Xu the most was after this economic monopoly.

Guangyang City remained smooth and there was not the slightest panic.

Seeing that everyone was keeping their heads down and not speaking, Elder Xie came out to round up the situation.

“Old Xu, don’t be anxious yet, now that the public opinion abroad has developed successfully, domestically Guangyang is Lin Mo’s home base.”

“It’s naturally not that easy for us to cause economic chaos as well as panic.”

Elder Xie’s words caused Elder Xu’s gaze to flicker.

“Since Guangyang City is no longer able to cause something effective now, then let’s open the economic embargo regarding Guangyang.”

“If we alert the people above us, we won’t look too good in this manner.”

Elder Xu’s words caused both Elder Xie and the Lei family head to nod their heads.

The previous economic blockade and commercial monopoly on Guangyang was only to quickly destroy Lin Mo’s industry.

However, they did not expect the other party to be like a small strong horse.

Apart from some initial panic, he quickly stabilised straight away.

Now even if the economic blockade of the several big families is no longer strong.

Those businesses wouldn’t have collapsed straight away.

“Our main focus and strength now needs to be on the economic blockade and public opinion guidance in the Wanxiang Kingdom.”

“Xu Er, come and talk to everyone about the current situation in the Wanxiang Country.”

Master Xu once again resumed his old appearance and said to the butler at the side.

“Yes, Master.”

Xu Er stepped out from beside Elder Xu and spoke to the people present one by one.

“According to the news that came back earlier, the Maple Leaf Country is in an uproar at the moment, and all the nationals are discussing whether or not the Wanxiang matter is true.”

“And it seems that Lin Mo’s side has prepared some live broadcast or something to start tomorrow morning.”

Xu Er’s words caused the crowd present to ponder one by one.

After a long time, Elder Xie opened his mouth and said.

“What about the effect caused by our previous economic blockade?”

Xu Er looked at Elder Xie and replied seriously.

“When we were just carrying out the economic blockade, Lin Mo’s side took out the funds to run it.”

“So that means we’re not causing any substantial damage at all right now.”

Xu Er’s words caused the faces of each of the clan leaders present to turn unpleasantly pale.

They had engaged in so much economic blockade as well as monopoly, but it hadn’t worked at all.

What was unexpected was that Elder Xie seemed to have guessed it long ago.

“No matter, Lin Mo is very capable, don’t take him lightly.”

Elder Xie gently spoke to the patriarchs of the small clans behind him and comforted them.

He then sneered and said.

“Those who voted for Lin Mo one by one just don’t know us, I will send someone to teach them a lesson when I return.”

“Don’t be disheartened by the Wanxiang Kingdom either, there will be a long day ahead!”