Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3378

“Boss, it seems like someone has been following us.”

On the SUV, the Prince who was concentrating on driving had a change of expression and said to Lin Mo who was at the side.

Lin Mo’s afterglow also looked at the black car behind him and asked in a soft voice.

“How long has it been following us?”

A thoughtful look flashed across the prince’s eyes before he finally replied.

“It seems to have appeared once it entered the confines of Panyang City.”

Just as the Crown Prince was puzzled, a sign suddenly lit up on the car next to him.

“Lord Zhen Yue, go to the Martial Union at once!”

Lin Mo’s eyebrows lifted slightly, someone from the Martial Alliance?

Why didn’t Wang Laosan contact himself directly?

Suddenly, Lin Mo saw his mobile phone that had been placed aside and switched off long ago.

A flash of clarity pa*sed through his eyes, no wonder Wang Laosan was using human calls.

“Crown Prince, go directly to the Martial Union.”

The prince nodded and directly changed his direction to drive towards the Martial Union.

Just after arriving at the Martial Union, Lin Mo saw Wang Laosan who was waiting at the entrance with an anxious face.

Upon seeing Lin Mo, Wang Laosan hurriedly came up with a bitter smile on his face and said.

“My Lord Zhen Yue, if you don’t come back I’ll have to go look for you.”

“What’s happened?”

Lin Mo looked at Wang Laosan with some surprise, wondering what could have caused the other party to be so sorrowful.

“This …… alas, you can see for yourself.”

Wang Laosan directly grabbed Lin Mo’s wrist and led him towards the inside of the Martial Union.

When walking to the parlour, Lin Mo directly faintly stared.

“Dad, why are you here?”

Xu Jiangong was lying quietly on top of the floor at the side of the parlour, holding a quilt.

After hearing Lin Mo’s voice he directly jumped up in excitement.

“Lin Mo, you’ve finally come back!”

“Dad, why are you who’s here, where’s my mother?”

Lin Mo’s words caused bitterness to well up on Xu Jiangong’s face only to dare.

“Lin Mo, tell me, do you have another woman outside or not!”

Xu Jiangong grabbed Lin Mo’s arm, his eyes locked with Lin Mo’s, waiting for his answer.

A look of suspicion appeared on Lin Mo’s face as he said to Xu Jiangong.

“Dad, what are you talking about, I have only been attracted to Hanxia alone from the beginning to the end.”

“If I have any lies, heaven and earth, man and god will be punished together!”

Lin Mo’s words caused Xu Jiangong to let out a sigh of relief and pat his chest.

“A woman suddenly came to our house and said something about you being her husband.”

“You know that nature of your mother, she directly believed the other party’s words.”

“Even, when the Xu family came and wanted to acquire Xia Mo’s morning tea, your mother actually agreed to it!”

Xu Jiangong’s words caused Lin Mo’s daily could not help but gently wrinkle.

The other party was definitely not the kind of person who wanted to cheat a sum of money, so she had only one purpose.

It was to come and stir up his family.

A cold aura flashed across Lin Mo’s eyes before he said to Xu Jian Gong.

“Dad, go back and tell mum that these are simply things that aren’t there.”

“If she doesn’t believe me wait for me to go back and confront her directly, and always remember, don’t let that woman get away.”

Xu Jiangong nodded in a hurry and asked again.

“Then what about the Xu family’s acquisition of Xia Mo’s morning tea?”

Lin Mo’s gaze looked towards Wang Laosan as he opened his mouth and instructed.

“Temporarily close all airports in Pangyang City as well as all high speed trains against the Xu family and forbid anyone from the Xu family from going out.”

“Dad, you go back and pacify mum first, I’ll be there as soon as I’m done with these matters.”

Xu Jiangong nodded and walked quickly towards the outside, not even bothering with the quilt on the ground.

After being targeted by Fang Hui’s words for so many days, he was finally able to raise his head and exhale.

It was only after Xu Jiangong left that Wang Laosan also breathed a sigh of relief and said to Lin Mo.

“Lin Mo, just a moment ago Elder Zhao came with a message saying he was looking for you.”