Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1720

Chapter 1720

Lin Mo clenched his fists, Tiger was his most valued man, and was also the spokesman for his side.

At this time, someone had actually injured him, which was clearly ready to completely exterminate Lin Mo.

No matter which family in Guang Province did it, this time, they were all bound to die!

Lin Mo pondered for a moment and said in a deep voice, “Does the person outside now, know about me still being alive?”

Li Tiezui shook his head, “No one knows about this news yet.”

“I’ve blocked all news from the Southeast Province.”

Lin Mo nodded slowly, “It’s good that no one knows.”

“Since they don’t know, then I’ll catch them off guard!”

After saying that, Lin Mo stood up, “I’m going to make a trip to Su Province first.”

“You take this bottle of medicine to Tiger, it will help him recover quickly.”

“You can help me arrange it over here.”

“Tomorrow, I will go back to Guangyang City!”

Li Tiezui looked at Lin Mo: “What percentage of certainty do you have?”

Lin Mo smiled, “Ten percent!”

Li Tiezui nodded, “Good!”

Next, Lin Mo took a direct flight and arrived in Yunan City overnight.

When Lin Mo arrived here, there was another person who had also arrived here, this person was Chen Baiyu of the Chen family.

Last time, when the Crown Prince returned to Hai Cheng, he took Chen Baiyu with him. Otherwise, I’m afraid Chen Baiyu would have died long ago!

After Lin Mo and Chen Baiyu met, he asked directly, “I want to find a family to replace the Zhao family in the top ten families in Su Province, which family do you think is the most suitable?”

Chen Baiyu froze for a moment, “Brother Lin, this …… is not a matter of which family is the most suitable, but which family can do it.”

“Of the top ten families in Su Province, the Zhao family is the strongest.”

“Moreover, the Zhao family has been operating for so many years that most of the families listen to the Zhao family.”

“Other families, they can’t shake the Zhao family’s position at all!”

Lin Mo: “How to shake the Zhao family’s position, you don’t need to care.”

“You only need to tell me which family, which has the qualifications and strength, might replace the Zhao family!”

Chen Baiyu looked at Lin Mo, pondered for a long time, and said, “The Hong Family!”

“In the earlier years, the Hong Family was not comparable in strength to the Zhao Family.”

“However, after Zhao Tianyuan joined forces with other clans and swallowed many of the Hong Family’s properties, the Hong Family gradually fell into decline.”

“The two sons of the Hong family’s old master both died at the hands of the Zhao family.”

“It can be said that the people of the Hong family, hate the Zhao family to the bone.”

“During these few years, the Hong family was the only one who sang against the Zhao family at every turn.”

“However, because of this, the Hong Family is becoming more and more marginalised among the Ten Great Families and is almost on the verge of being sidelined!”

Lin Mo nodded, “Very well!”

“Do you have a way for me to meet the Hong Family’s old man?”

Chen Baiyu scratched his head and thought for a long time, “I …… know one of the grandsons of the Hong family’s old master.”

“However, this kid especially sees the wind and is particularly greedy.”

“When I used to be the young master of the Chen family, he would definitely do things for me.”

“Now, I’m afraid ……”

Lin Mo waved his hand, “Greed is not afraid.”

“I’m just afraid he won’t be greedy!”

“You just need to go and arrange this, it doesn’t matter how much it costs!”

Chen Baiyu nodded, “Okay, then I’ll go and do this.”

Lin Mo gave Chen Baiyu a card, “The money in the card, feel free to swipe it.”

“No matter what the cost!”

Chen Baiyu nodded his head and quickly left with the card.

As for Lin Mo, he didn’t stay idle either.

Looking at the time, it was already after eleven o’clock at night.

Lin Mo changed into his night clothes and quietly rushed to the Zhao family compound.

Seeing that no one was around, Lin Mo quietly slipped into the Zhao family compound.

Last time, he was here and found that there was something wrong with Zhao Tianyuan’s unique compound.

This time, he would personally come here and find what he wanted in that solitary compound of Zhao Tianyuan’s!