Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1719

Chapter 1719

On the same day, Lin Mo rushed back to Guang Province.

After returning, he did not rush to show himself, but first contacted Li Tiezui to meet with him.

During the few days Lin Mo was in Southeast Province, Li Tiezui was basically in full control of the affairs in Guang Province.

“How is the situation now?”

Lin Mo asked.

Li Tiezui frowned tightly, “It’s very bad.”

“The top ten families in Su Province, in conjunction with a few of the top ten families in Guang Province, are now basically in control of the situation on the Guang Province side.”

“Zhao Tianyuan has also given a bride-price to General Manager Xu, saying that he wants to marry General Manager Xu and is going to pick up the bride tomorrow.”

Lin Mo’s face was cold: “What!?”

Li Tiezui said in a deep voice: “Zhao Tianyuan wants Xu Pharmaceutical to hand over the Reconstruction Pill, but General Manager Xu would rather die than comply.”

“Moreover, everyone knows that the Recycle Pill was developed by Xu Pharmaceutical.”

“Zhao Tianyuan really couldn’t snatch it away, so he came up with this solution, wanting to marry General Xu and take over Xu Pharmaceutical by force.”

“In this way, the Recycle Pill will fall into his hands!”

Lin Mo slammed his fist on the table, “Zhao Tianyuan, damn you!”

“What about Hanxia? How is she now?”

Li Tiezui: “General Xu is under house arrest, and the ten major families in Suzhou Province have sent a large number of experts to keep an eye on her, so she can’t get away at all.”

“Moreover, Zhao Tianyuan has also captured General Manager Xu’s parents, as well as a few friends on your side.”

“He threatened General Xu that if she ran away or didn’t marry him, then he would kill these people.”

“So, General Xu now has no choice at all!”

Lin Mo’s face turned even colder and his expression became livid.

This Zhao Tianyuan, he was really despicable!

Li Tiezui said in a deep voice, “Not only that, Zhao Tianyuan also injured Chen Shengyuan and almost forcibly occupied Nan Bing’er’s sole courtyard.”

“At the most crucial moment, it was only when Master Xue Wu personally gave the word that he didn’t dare to do anything to Nan Bing’er!”

Lin Mo’s face was cold again, “How dare he do something to Nan Bing’er?”

“This Zhao Tianyuan, is he tired of living?”

Li Tiezui shrugged, “This Zhao Tianyuan, has always been extremely conceited.”

“He should have thought that the people of the Nalan family wouldn’t care about Nan Bing’er, so he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to swallow Nan Baitian’s estate.”

“However, he has misjudged one thing, and that is that Master Xue Wu will definitely not let this happen.”

“The granddaughter of the Nalan family, if she dies in the Southern Realm, Master Xue Wu will not be able to account for it.”

“Therefore, Fifth Master Xue is definitely going to keep Nan Bing’er no matter what!”

Lin Mo nodded, and then frowned, “Then what about my side of things, did Fifth Master Xue not say anything?”

Li Tiezui shook his head, “Fifth Master Xue is the King of the Southern Realm, but it’s impossible for him to care about the internal conflicts of various families.”

“This matter, he can’t interfere.”

“If the Ten Great Families of Su Province exterminated you, he wouldn’t care.”

“Likewise, if you destroy the ten clans of Su Province, he won’t care either!”

Lin Mo nodded slowly, “Very well!”

“Right, call Tiger to come over, I have something for him to do!”

Li Tiezui looked embarrassed and said in a low voice, “Last night, Tiger was ambushed and badly injured.”

“If it wasn’t for the brothers around him who tried to save him from death, Tiger’s life would definitely have been lost!”

“However, he had one of his hands chopped off, and this hand, for sure, will not be able to be connected!”

Lin Mo’s face was cold: “Who did it?”

Li Tiezui shook his head, “Haven’t found out yet, but it’s definitely someone from this side of Guang Province.”

“People from Su Province are mainly in Guangyang City, no one has entered the provincial city.”

“The only people who could ambush Tiger in the provincial city and seriously injure him would be the people from the ten clans in Guang Province.”

“According to the information we got, Tiger went out that day by taking a phone call.”

“Tiger is still in a coma, when he wakes up, he will be able to find out who made the call and who did it.”