Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1718

Chapter 1718

Seeing this man, Lin Mo couldn’t help but frown.

He had seen this man before, he was one of the guest ministers of the Wan Family.

What did he mean by coming after him at this time?

Lin Mo opened the car door and stepped out, “This big brother ……”

The man directly rebuked angrily, “Who’s your big brother?”

“Surnamed Lin, how dare you insult my lady?”

“Today, I will kill you!”

The man said, and with a fierce leap, he directly pounced on Lin Mo, forming his hands into fists and smashing towards Lin Mo’s temples on both sides.

Lin Mo dodged and avoided it, but the man was also extremely fast and directly attacked with his body.

Lin Mo was unable to dodge, so he could only fight with the man.

The man’s strength was not weak, and for a while, he fought with Lin Mo in an indistinguishable manner.

The most crucial thing was that the man’s strikes were very crazy, and looking at his stance, he was completely aiming to kill Lin Mo.

Lin Mo originally wanted him to retreat, but when he found out that the man had a murderous intent, he did not dare to be careless.

The two men fought with all their might for ten minutes.

Lin Mo finally seized an opportunity to take a punch from the man and knocked him out of the way with a close-quarters lean.

The man crashed into the SUV behind him, knocking a large crater into the door of the SUV.

The violent impact caused the man to vomit a mouthful of blood straight away.

However, he didn’t have the slightest intention to stop, jumping up again and lunging towards Lin Mo.

Lin Mo had no choice but to dodge and seized the opportunity to stab a silver needle into the man’s shoulder.

This time, the man was finally unable to fight any longer.

He sat down on the ground, his expression still fierce: “Lin Mo, let go of me if you dare, and let’s fight to the death!”

Lin Mo frowned: “This big brother, I have no grudge against you, why do you have to fight against me?”

Lin Mo knew that this was definitely not someone sent by the Vanguard Family.

If the Wan Family really wanted to kill him, there was no way they would have sent just such a person over!

The man gritted his teeth and hissed loudly, “No grudge or hatred?”

“You humiliated my miss in public, if I don’t settle this score with you, what face do I have left to live?”

Lin Mo frowned, it was the matter of Duke Wan again.

Just what the hell was going on here?

No one else from the Wan family had come, but a guest minister? What was this about?

Lin Mo: “Let me start by stating that I’m not humiliating Miss Wan, I really do have a family.”

“Besides, this matter, after all the calculations, is between me and the Wan family.”

“You’re just a guest of the Wan family, do you have to come running to fight with me?”

The man yelled, “What the hell do you know!”

“I’m not a guest of the Wan family, I’m a servant of the Lu family in the capital!”

“Back then, when Eldest Miss married down to Wan Yongfeng, I came to the Wan family with Eldest Miss.”

“Not long after Missy gave birth to Miss Shengnan, she pa*sed away.”

“I watched Miss Shengnan grow up.”

“In the Wan Family, apart from Miss Shengnan, no one is qualified to be my master!”

“Surnamed Lin, even if you kill the master of the Wan family, I won’t stop you.”

“But, if you insult Miss Shengnan, then I will definitely have to fight you to the death!”

Lin Mo finally understood what this man’s identity really was.

He hadn’t expected that Duke Wan’s mother was also from a famous family in the capital, ah.

“This big brother, I’ll say it again.”

“I really didn’t mean to insult Miss Wan.”

“I already have a family, so if I abandoned my hair wife and married Miss Wan, that would only be the greatest insult to Miss Wan, wouldn’t it?”

Lin Mo said in a soft voice.

The man couldn’t help but stare, these words from Lin Mo were something he hadn’t expected.

Lin Mo patted his shoulder, “The power in your body will be restored in ten minutes.”

“Say sorry again to Miss Wan for me.”

“No matter what, I’m still grateful to Miss Wan for saving my life!”