Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1717

‎Chapter 1717

Wan Yongfeng froze as he looked at Duke Wan, and only after a long time did he waved his hand helplessly.

As the Wan family retreated, Wan Yongfeng looked coldly at Lin Mo and said in a deep voice, “Lin, get lost!”

“This time you cured my father, my Wan family will keep it in their hearts.”

“This favor will definitely be returned to you by my Wan Family in the future!”

“But, you listen to me clearly too!”

“From now on, you are not allowed to appear within the boundaries of my southeastern province again!”

“Otherwise, I will kill you!”

Lin Mo sighed, he hadn’t expected that things would turn out this way.

“Miss Wan, I’m sorry!”

Lin Mo gently apologised, ignoring the Wan family at all, and turned straight away to leave.

As he watched Lin Mo walk away and disappear, it was as if Duke Wan had lost his soul as he sat straight down in his chair.

The people in the room looked at each other in disbelief as the banquet immediately became tasteless.

Master Wan sighed and slowly got up, “Shengnan, let’s go, let’s go home.”

Duke Wan answered softly and assisted the old man to leave.

The moment she walked out of the room, the tears in Duke Wan’s eyes could no longer be held back and gushed out directly.

Just now, she had said those last words in order to save Lin Mo, in order to get her father to let Lin Mo go.

However, she was the only one who knew how untrue her words really were when she uttered those words.

She wanted to catch up with Lin Mo and tell him that she was sorry, and tell him that she really liked him.

But, right now, she couldn’t do anything!

She did not know how much she would hurt Lin Mo with those words, but she herself had already been hurt.

In this life, would she ever be able to see him again?

The crowd in the private room also gradually dispersed, and Wan Yongfeng sat alone at the table drinking sullen wine.

Tonight, he had originally wanted to settle the matter of his daughter.

In fact, he was not such an impulsive person; the only time he would be so impulsive was when it came to his daughter’s matter.

If it were any other matter, even if Lin Mo refused or even did not give him face, he would not have lost his temper so much.

But when it came to the matter involving Duke Wan, he could not bear it, and that was why he had brought the matter to the present stage.

He naturally knew how much pain his daughter really felt in her heart when she said those words, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

Wan Zhi sat next to him and said in a low voice, “Eldest Uncle, you shouldn’t be angry either.”

“If Lin Mo doesn’t marry Big Sister, it’s his loss.”

“With Big Sister’s status and looks, under this world, I don’t know how many sons of worldly families are lining up to marry her.”

“Lin Mo doesn’t know any better, that’s because he doesn’t have this blessing ……”

Wan Yongfeng waved his hand straight away and sighed, “Wizi’er, words are said though.”

“But, your big sister’s temper, you also know that.”

“Missing this man, I’m afraid she’ll never be able to marry again in her life.”

“Hey, I ……”

Wan Zhi also fell into silence, just as Wan Yongfeng said, I’m afraid that Wan Gongzi really won’t marry again in this life!

However, what could be done about it?

I just hate that the two of them met too late, I just hate that fate has made things worse!


Leaving the Wan family, Lin Mo directly found a car and headed for the airport.

He had some guilt in his heart towards Duke Wan, but, he was already married, and if other people fell in love with him, they must inevitably be hurt!

The vehicle sped along, not long after driving out of the city, when a black SUV suddenly came against traffic on the road ahead.

The taxi driver was startled and swerved to avoid it.

But the SUV was coming right at him and disliked him hard.

The taxi driver did not dare to collide directly with this kind of off-road vehicle, and with a handful of directions, the vehicle went straight into the adjacent field.

The driver jumped out of the car, pointing at the SUV parked not far away and cursing furiously.

At this moment, a man jumped out of the car and without saying a word, he slapped the taxi driver and sent him flying.

After that, he pointed at Lin Mo in the car and shouted angrily, “Lin, come out and die!”