Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1715

Chapter 1715

Seeing this dressing of Duke Wan, Master Wan and Wan Yongfeng were also happy from the bottom of their hearts.

This incident also made the two of them even more certain that Duke Wan really liked Lin Mo.

Therefore, after three rounds of wine, Wan Yongfeng took the opportunity to laugh and said, “Divine Doctor Lin, what do you think of my family’s Shengnan?”

Duke Wan blushed slightly and lowered his head, but his ears were listening carefully.

Lin Mo smiled, “Miss Wan is a man who keeps his word and is admirable!”

Not getting the answer he wanted, Wan Yongfeng pursued, “Then what do you think of my family Shengnan’s outfit today?”

Lin Mo was a little embarra*sed, he knew exactly what Wan Yongfeng wanted to say.

However, he didn’t want to continue on this topic.

“Miss Wan’s outfit is very good!”

Lin Mo casually said back.

Wan Yongfeng smiled smugly, “You also think my daughter is very nice.”

“Divine Doctor Lin, then what do you think, how does my daughter match you?”

The people around looked at Lin Mo in unison.

Duke Wan’s face was even more swollen red, his heart was puffing and puffing, he lowered his head and didn’t dare to say a word, but his heart was already full of hope.

Lin Mo: “Master Wan, you’re joking.”

“Miss Wan is a thousand gold, how can I be worthy of Miss Wan!”

Wan Yongfeng laughed, “Divine Doctor Lin, you don’t need to be modest either.”

“In fact, with your abilities, if you were to come together with my daughter, it would truly be a match made in heaven.”

“Why don’t you just stop leaving and stay in my Wan family as a son-in-law?”

Lin Mo smiled awkwardly, “Master of the Wan family, you are joking.”

“I have long been married, so how can I be someone else’s son-in-law?”

Wan Yongfeng said directly, “Divine Doctor Lin, I’m not joking with you.”

“I know that your joining the Xu family in the first place was also entirely out of necessity.”

“The people of the Xu family also have no half-hearted feelings for you.”

“If that’s the case, why do you have to remain in that impersonal family?”

“If you’re willing, wouldn’t it be better to stay with our Wan family and make a beautiful marriage?”

Lin Mo frowned slightly and said softly, “Master of the Wan family, thank you for your kindness.”

“However, I am always a married man, so this is not suitable.”

“Besides, Miss Wan is naturally beautiful and has such superior conditions, she fully deserves to find someone a hundred times better than me, how can I be worthy of Miss Wan!”

Hearing these words, Duke Wan’s eyes couldn’t help but redden.

By refusing twice, Lin Mo had already made his feelings clear.

And that, in turn, broke Duke Wan’s heart.

At this moment, Wan Yongfeng was still unwilling and still said, “Divine Doctor Lin, are you afraid of what others might think?”

“Don’t worry, no one dares to tell my Wan family’s son-in-law what to do ……”

He was about to continue, when Duke Wan suddenly stood up, “Dad, that’s enough!”

“It’s not like I can’t get married, why are you acting like this?”

“Besides, I …… I don’t like him at all, why are you messing with the marriage order?”

As he said this, Wan Gongzi’s tears gushed straight out of his eyes.

The pain of not being able to say the words made it even harder for her heart.

Seeing his daughter in this state, Wan Yongfeng’s heart was also racked with pain.

Of course he could see that his daughter was in tears because of Lin Mo.

This, in turn, made him even more determined to keep Lin Mo.

Wan Yongfeng waved his hand, “Shengnan, don’t say anything!”

“Lin Mo, I’m asking you once more.”

“Are you marrying my daughter or not?”

Lin Mo glanced at Duke Wan and said softly, “Master Wan, I’m really sorry ……”

Duke Wan’s tears were instantly like broken beads, constantly falling down his snow-white cheeks.

Wan Yongfeng directly shot up, “Lin Mo, don’t go too far!”

“What exactly is it about my daughter, Wan Yongfeng, that is not good enough for you?”

“How dare you repeatedly refuse like this, are you insulting our Wan family?”