Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1714

Chapter 1714

The old man glanced at the crowd at the scene and said, “You people, you see less and more.”

“This incident today is also a living example.”

“Always remember that there are people outside the sky.”

“Don’t think that just because someone is young, they are not capable.”

“The geniuses in this world simply cannot be speculated according to normal people, understand?”

The crowd at the scene nodded their heads and looked at Lin Mo with eyes filled with astonishment.

Lin Mo’s unparalleled medical skills and such exquisite chess skills were truly unimaginable to the crowd.

Whether it was the art of medicine or chess, it all took a long time to accumulate.

Who could have imagined that Lin Mo would crush so many people at such a young age?

Just as the crowd was chatting, the door to the room opened and Wan Zhi walked in.

She was already extremely feminine looking. She was already extremely feminine, but after dressing up, she looked even more beautiful.

Wan Zhi smilingly walked up to Lin Mo and pretended to greet him.

Wan Yongfeng stood next to him and couldn’t help but whisper, “What are you doing?”

“Didn’t I ask you to help your sister?”

Wan Zhi faintly smiled, “Don’t worry.”

“She’ll be here soon!”

Sure enough, not long afterwards, the door to the room suddenly opened.

A stunningly beautiful woman in a long dress stood in the doorway with a blushing face.

The girl’s features were exquisite to the extreme, her skin was like snow, and although she had short hair, it added to the beauty of the whole person who was full of Englishness.

Wan Zhi was already considered a supreme beauty, but, in front of this girl, Wan Zhi appeared to have no features and did not stand out at all.

In this instant, a dead silence fell over the people in the room.

A young man standing at the door immediately said playfully, “Beauty, looking for someone?”

The stunningly beautiful woman glared at him, “Get lost!”

The youth froze for a moment, this voice, this feeling, this aura, very familiar, huh?

The people in the room also froze.

Just then, Wan Zhi stood up, “What are you standing there for?”

“Hurry up and give up your seat for Big Sister!”

Only then did the people in the room come back to their senses and all looked at the girl at the door in shock, and there was an uproar.

“No way! This is Shengnan!”

“Why is big sister suddenly wearing women’s clothes?”

“Shut up, do you deserve a beating? How dare you say such things!”

“Oh my, big sister in women’s clothes, so pretty?”

“I’ve been saying for a long time that Big Sister is the most beautiful, but you didn’t believe me, now you believe me!”

The juniors were all exclaiming in awe, while those elders, too, were all full of shock.

Even Wan Yongfeng was wide-eyed: “This …… is Shengnan!?”

Wan Zhi: “What else?”

Wan Yongfeng was full of excitement, “I told you so!”

“My daughter, that is not dressed up.”

“If she dresses up, she’s absolutely beautiful!”

Everyone else was also shocked to the core, for one thing, they didn’t think that Duke Wan would come to the banquet dressed like this.

Secondly, the crowd really didn’t expect that Duke Wan, who normally only wore men’s clothes, would be this beautiful after dressing up, which was far beyond the crowd’s imagination!

Duke Wan’s face was flushed, wearing this outfit made her feel at a loss for words.

She lowered her head and didn’t even dare to look at Lin Mo’s reaction.

Master Wan, on the other hand, laughed, “Shengnan, you’re dressed well today!”

“Come, come and sit here!”

Duke Wan nodded obediently and walked over to sit down not far next to Old Master Wan.

To the left and right of Elder Wan sat Wan Yongfeng and Lin Mo respectively, so this time, Duke Wan was sitting directly next to Lin Mo.

As for Wan Zhi, she was blocked to the side by Duke Wan, not allowing her to go near Lin Mo at all.

Wan Zhi smiled faintly, her real purpose was to stimulate Duke Wan’s and make her feel a sense of crisis.

When Duke Wan came over dressed like this, her purpose had been achieved, nothing else mattered anymore.