Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1713

Chapter 1713

Wan Zhi twisted her waist and left in style.

As Duke Wan looked at her back, her heart only felt as if something most important had been taken away from her.

After a long time, Duke Wan suddenly clenched her teeth, she fiercely clenched her hands, turned her head and shouted, “Little Sakura, come in!”

A servant girl hurriedly ran in and when she saw the appearance of Duke Wan in her skirt, she could not help but be filled with astonishment.

They could never have dreamed that Duke Wan would be dressed like this.

However, Duke Wan ignored her expression and said in a deep voice, “You should now order down and have those shops in the city send over all the clothes that are suitable for me to wear!”

Sakura froze for a moment, “What …… When will they be sent over?”

Wan Gongzi: “Now, immediately, right away!”

Sakura: “Huh?”

Duke Wan glared at her, “Ah what ah?”

“Hurry up and go!”

Only then did Sakura come back to her senses and rushed to the door.

Suddenly, she paused for a moment, “Gongzi, do you want sneakers?”

Lord Wan was annoyed: “What sneakers?”

Sakura: “Sneakers that go with casual trousers, huh?”

“You don’t want them?”

“Then …… that’s all about the suit?”

Manji was furious and said indignantly, “I’m talking about women’s clothes!”

“All the women’s suits!”

Sakura was once again confused, “Huh?”

In all these years, Duke Wan had never worn women’s clothes.

Sakura had just thought that Duke Wan wanted men’s clothes, but to her surprise, Duke Wan wanted women’s clothes?

What was going on here?

“Buy whatever you’re told, where’s all this nonsense!”

Duke Wan said indignantly.

Little Sakura hurriedly ran out with her head down, and all the way outside, she was actually still confused.

Inside the house, Duke Wan stood by the window, his eyes firm.

“Lin Mo, I want you to remember me forever!”

“Wan Wizi, I won’t lose to you, I won’t lose to anyone!”


At noon the next day, the Wan family banquet began as scheduled.

Lin Mo spent the morning chatting with Master Wan and also played two games of chess together.

In the first game, Lin Mo won.

In the second game, they drew.

But in fact, Master Wan could see clearly.

In the second game, Lin Mo had the intention to let him win, because in the second game Lin Mo played with complete ease.

Lin Mo’s chess skills were so superb that they were far superior to his.

This was something that made Old Master Wan sigh in admiration.

He knew that in his life, he had no other hobby, his only hobby was playing chess.

He himself often said that the thing he was most proud of was that his strength ranked second and his chess skill ranked first.

In his life, he had played chess with several national players, but he had never felt like this before either.

Unexpectedly, he was easily defeated by a young man, which made him even more impressed with Lin Mo.

As the two sat down at the table, Elder Wan lamented, “In my lifetime, I have never really admired anyone in the art of chess.”

“Divine Doctor Lin, you are the first person who has made me admire you to my very core!”

“This chess skill of yours is not at all like what you can have at your age, this is simply not the kind of chess skill you can have without decades of experience!”

Lin Mo responded with a faint smile.

In fact, this chess skill of his was also an inheritance from inside the jade pendant.

The jade pendant contained all the memories of his ancestor, including this chess skill.

The ancestor of the Lin family was a marvel of the ages, mastering everything from the zither and chess to calligraphy and painting.

As Lin Mo had obtained his ancestor’s memories, he was naturally able to crush Old Master Wan in terms of chess.

When the rest of the Wan family heard the words of the old man, they were all shocked.

Seventh Uncle couldn’t help but approach the old man: “Big brother, how many pieces did you let the divine doctor Lin have?”

Old Master Wan glared at him, “What did you let?”

“In the second game, Divine Doctor Lin gave me a rook and a cannon!”

Seventh Uncle’s eyes widened, “Huh?”

Everyone else was also full of shock, just thinking they had heard wrong.