Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1712

Chapter 1712

Wan Wizi: “Don’t you dare, you think I want to control you?”

“It’s just that you’re wearing such awkward clothes.”

“If this gets out and people see it, I’m afraid they’ll take you for a fool!”

Wan Zi couldn’t help but feel anxious: “I …… how is this awkward for me?”

Wan Wizi: “The match is not right!”

“You shouldn’t match this dress with this kind of dress.”

Wan Gongzi: “Then what should I match it with?”

Wan Zi immediately got up, “Come, come, I’ll teach you.”

“Listen, this kind of skirt, you have to match with the kind of dress that is a little fresher, and the shoes have to match with the kind of fresh and lovely ……”

Wan Gongzi stood next to her, listening carefully and trying hard to remember every word Wan Zhi said.

Wan Zhi looked at her like this and suddenly puffed out a smile, “Boss, why are you suddenly so interested in women’s stuff?”

“Is there someone you like?”

Duke Wan’s face instantly became swollen red and stammered, “What are you …… talking about?”

“I …… I …… how could I …… have a favorite ……”

“I just …… am …….”

Stammering for half a day, but unable to give a good explanation at all, Wan Zi could only sit on the side and sulk.

Wan Zi, on the other hand, was laughing her head off, growing up, it was the first time she had seen Wan Gongzi get defeated like this.

“Boss, I was just joking with you, look how excited you are!”

Wan Zhi said laughingly.

Duke Wan turned his head to the side and ignored her indignantly.

Wan Zhi stood up and laughed, “Alright, it’s getting late, I have to go back for my beauty sleep.”

“Oh, yes, I heard that Divine Doctor Lin is going back to Guang Province tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow the family is going to hold a banquet to trample on him, will you go to the banquet then?”

Duke Wan’s expression was a little lost, and she lowered her head without speaking.

Seeing her like this, Wan Zi said to herself, “Boss, what do you think would be appropriate for me to wear tomorrow?”

“You know Divine Doctor Lin quite well, what kind of girls do you think he likes?”

“Sexy? Innocent? Or sensual?”

“Geez, it’s annoying. It’s the first time I’ve met a man that’s so difficult to get hold of!”

Duke Wan’s face changed, “What do you …… you …… want to do?”

Wan Wizi smiled delicately, “What else can I do?”

“This Divine Doctor Lin is very good.”

“At such a young age, he has such great skills and achievements.”

“If this could become my husband, hehehe, it would be so much better than those unknowing sons of the world!”

Wan Gongzi’s face instantly turned iron blue, and she looked at Wan Zi warily, her face full of indignation.

“How can you …… you have such an idea?”

“Divine Doctor Lin is already married!”

Wan Gongzi said sharply.

Wan Zhi laughed disdainfully, “What kind of marriage is that?”

“He was in a downward spiral and had no choice but to become a house son-in-law for a hundred thousand dollars.”

“All these years, the Xu family used him like a dog and didn’t even treat him like a human being.”

“If you ask me, such a marriage, don’t want it.”

“How can a man as good as Divine Doctor Lin suffer such insults?”

Saying that, Wan Zhi Zhi puffed up his chest and said smilingly, “So, I’m just going to, save Divine Doctor Lin from the fire.”

“Make him my husband, and in this life, I will give him all the best.”

“He suffered a lot in the first half of his life, and in the second half of his life, I will never let him suffer the slightest bit again!”

With a few words, Wan Zi’s heart was somewhat overwhelmed by what he said.

Seeing the light in Duke Wan’s eyes, Wan Zhi knew that her plan was basically a success.

She smilingly came over to Duke Wan’s side, “Boss, I’m leaving first, ah.”

“I’ve had a lot of clothes sent over, I have to try them on properly later.”

“Doctor Lin is leaving tomorrow, I have to leave him with a memory that will last forever!”