Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1711

Chapter 1711

Master Wan frowned slightly, “Yongfeng, this matter, you should not be too hasty.”

“Shengnan has extremely high self-esteem, and, all these years, she has not worn women’s clothes or dressed up at all.”

“If you rashly let her wear women’s clothes and dress up, I’m afraid it will cause her to resist, and that won’t be good.”

Wan Yongfeng smiled, “Father, you can rest a*sured.”

“Shengnan’s temper, don’t I know it yet?”

“I definitely can’t personally go and have her clean up.”

“But, I can let Wan Zhi go!”

“This little girl, she’s the most devilishly clever, she’ll definitely be able to get things done.”

Master Wan instantly smiled too, “That’s a good method.”

Next, Wan Yongfeng went straight to Wan Zhi and asked her to persuade Duke Wan.

Wan Zhi was indeed a resourceful person, and when she heard Wan Yongfeng’s words, her eyes instantly lit up, “Let her wear women’s clothes, and let her dress up?”

“What are you planning to do?”

“Planning to marry her off?”

“Got a suitable match?”

Wan Yongfeng hit her on the head, “You just do your job, why ask so many questions!”

“Don’t be a guesser.”

Wan Zhi beamed, “Then I’m not concerned about my sister!”

“Hmph, even if you don’t say it, I still know it in my heart.”

Wan Yongfeng gave her a look, “What do you have in mind?”

Wan Zhi tilted her head in triumph, “You want to marry her off to that divine doctor Lin, right?”

Wan Yongfeng was stunned, “You …… how do you know?”

Wan Zhi: “Nonsense!”

“That character of my sister, there are basically no men in this world that she can look at.”

“You guys never let her dress up even when you let her meet those worldly kids before.”

“This time, there must be full a*surance.”

Wan Yongfeng stared, “Then how do you know it’s the divine Doctor Lin?”

Wan Zhi: “Heh, is there any need to guess?”

“Her eyes were glowing when she looked at Divine Doctor Lin.”

“Girls, when they really like someone, they can’t hide it.”

Wan Yongfeng gave her a deep look, this Wan Wisdom was really a ghostly wit.

However, this also verified his suspicion even more, that Duke Wan really liked Lin Mo.

“Then this matter, can you do it?”

Wan Yongfeng asked.

Wan Zhi: “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

Next, Wan Zhi ran to that solitary courtyard of Duke Wan’s.

In the courtyard, the few servant girls were still standing.

Wan Zhi ran in and didn’t even talk to them, she ran straight to the house.

One of the maidservants hastily stopped her: “Second Miss, the Duke has ordered ……”

Wan Zhi: “What did he order?”

“She is my sister, she can still turn over in there?”

The servant girl was at a loss for words, seeing Wan Zi running towards the house, she hurriedly shouted, “Duke, the Second Miss is here!”

There was a confused sound inside the house, and the panicked voice of Duke Wan followed, “Tell her to wait.”

However, Wan Zhi had already run into the house by now.

She was in the inner room, wearing a dress, and was in a hurry to get it off.

But then Wan Zi came in.

The two of them looked at each other, and Duke Wan’s face turned red with a brush.

“Who …… let you in?”

“I didn’t tell you to wait!”

“You …… Why are you so rude?”

The Duke of Wan was annoyed and pointed at Wan Wizi and yelled.

Wan Zhi was not afraid at all and ran inside and sat down on the sofa, “Aiya my grand duke!”

“I’m a girl, I ran in to see you, what’s so rude about that?”

“You haven’t done anything harmful, why are you being vain?”

Wan Gongzi’s face was swollen with red: “Who …… has a weak heart?”

Wan Zi skipped a smile and suddenly pointed at Wan Gongzi, “Big brother, don’t you think your clothes are dressed in an unconventional way?”

Wan Gongzi was stunned: “What’s wrong?”

As soon as she asked, she immediately felt that something was wrong and quickly said with a stern face, “What do you care?”