Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1709

Chapter 1709

Wan Yongfeng went straight back to the old master’s solitary courtyard and told him about the situation of Duke Wan.

After hearing this, the old master was also quite relieved.


“Since Shengnan also has his eyes on Lin Mo, this is something that can be tried.”

“Why don’t we find a chance to ask Lin Mo and see what he thinks?”

The old man said.

Wan Yongfeng: “There is no need to ask, this matter is absolutely fine.”

“He was able to join a small, unimportant family for a hundred thousand before.”

“Our Shengnan, that is our Wan family’s eldest young lady, even if she is placed among the top ten families in China, that is still the absolute best.”

“Our family’s conditions far surpass that what’s-his-name Xu Pharmaceutical.”

“Shengnan’s beauty is also definitely better than that what’s-his-name Xu Hanxia.”

“Lin Mo is not a fool, doesn’t he know what to choose?”

“As long as he is willing to marry Shengnan, it will definitely make him struggle for twenty years less!”

“What man, would give up such a good opportunity?”

The old man nodded slowly, “You’re right.”

“Then this matter, let’s do as you wish!”

Wan Yongfeng left in high spirits.

Lin Mo was placed in the highest specification guest room of the Wan family, a solitary courtyard with five servants at his disposal.

However, Lin Mo didn’t order them to do anything.

When he returned to his room, Lin Mo drank a cup of tea, then sat down on his knees and began to cultivate the Creation Technique.

His internal energy ran for a week, and he was just about to rest.

At this moment, the sound of footsteps suddenly came from outside the door.

Lin Mo opened his eyes and not long after, Wan Yongfeng knocked on the door and entered.

Wan Yongfeng was full of smiles, and as soon as he entered, he directly arched his hand and said, “Divine Doctor Lin, not resting yet?”

Lin Mo politely exchanged a few pleasantries with Wan Yongfeng, a little surprised in his heart, wondering what Wan Yongfeng meant by coming over at this time.

After a few words of small talk with Lin Mo, Wan Yongfeng went straight to the point.

“Divine Doctor Lin, what do you think of Shengnan?”

Wan Yongfeng asked.

Lin Mo froze for a moment, why would Wan Yongfeng suddenly ask this question?

“Miss Wan is quite good.”

“Kind-hearted, thorough, and thinks of the Wan family at all times.”

“Moreover, she is trustworthy and respectful of her promises.”

“Although she is a girl, she is also a woman!”

Lin Mo answered truthfully.

Wan Yongfeng smiled, “What you said is still only superficial.”

“In fact, this daughter of mine, she is still quite gentle.”

“Pretty looking, that goes without saying, this, is very similar to her mother.”

“The key thing is that she’s also very nice to people. Especially those she wants to care for, she definitely doesn’t have any half-heartedness.”

Lin Mo nodded, this was something that he had seen before.

Only, he couldn’t understand, what was Wan Yongfeng suddenly saying all this for? To praise his daughter?

Wan Yongfeng: “Shengnan is good at everything, but there’s just one thing wrong with her.”

“For so many years, she has always had a knot in her heart, thinking that we favour boys over girls and hating that she is not a boy.”

“So, for all these years, she never saw herself as a girl and never liked any of the men.”

“Ai, speaking of which, this is really a failure on my part as a father!”

Lin Mo said softly, “It’s alright.”

“This time, she already knows that you really care about her!”

Wan Yongfeng smiled, “Divine Doctor Lin, in fact, I see that Shengnan, too, is quite concerned about you.”

“In all these years, I’ve never seen Shengnan treat any man with such an attitude.”

“Do you ever feel that Shengnan might like you a little?”

Lin Mo’s face changed slightly and he hurriedly said, “Master of the Wan family, you are joking.”

“Miss Wan is a thousand-year-old woman, how can she be compared to a commoner like me.”You must be mistaken, I am a family man, how could Miss Wan possibly like me!”