Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1706

Chapter 1706

The crowd of the Wan Family watched Zhang Jiu Duan and the others leave, and there was a whisper.

The crowd were all looking at Lin Mo in shock, their faces filled with curiosity.

These people really couldn’t understand how a character like Zhang Jiu Duan could give Lin Mo such a great face?

He didn’t even believe in what the Wan family head personally said.

But with a single word from Lin Mo, he believed it straight away!

How could a person like Zhang Jiu Duan believe someone so easily?

Honestly, at this moment, the crowd was also filled with curiosity and admiration for Lin Mo.

Someone who could make even Zhang Jiu Duan trust him, that must not be simple!

At the end of the banquet, Wan Yongfeng personally thanked Lin Mo.

This big fight tonight, if Lin Mo hadn’t stopped it, they might have been able to settle the other side, but the Wan family’s side would have had to pay a considerable price.

Master Wan had not yet completely recovered, and it was not appropriate for the Wan family to pay such a price!

After that, Wan Yongfeng had someone arrange for Lin Mo to go and rest.

He himself went to the backyard and arrived at the place where Old Master Wan was resting.

Old Master Wan was sitting with his knees crossed, quietly exercising his kung fu.

Seeing this scene, Wan Yongfeng’s heart was even more joyful.

For more than a year, Master Wan had never been able to exercise his kung fu.

Now, he was able to do so, which meant that he had really recovered!

Not long after, Elder Wan opened his eyes.

“Father, how are you feeling?”

Wan Yongfeng hurriedly asked.

Elder Wan nodded, “This Divine Doctor Lin, is indeed not simple.”

“I feel now, no different from before when I wasn’t injured!”

Wan Yongfeng couldn’t help but be overjoyed, “Father, then it’s really completely healed!”


“According to what he said, in another week, you’ll be able to regain your strength.”

“When that time comes, we will go to Shu Zhong and seek revenge on Zhang Bailing!”

Elder Wan glared at him, “Shut up!”

Wan Yongfeng’s face changed and he hurriedly shut his mouth.

Master Wan said in a deep voice, “Don’t mention the matter of revenge again.”

“As the head of a family, you should understand how difficult it really is for a family like ours to pass on for so long.”

“There are too many people out there who want to replace us, who want to divide and conquer us.”

“Zhang Bailing is one of the six kings of the world, and his strength is no less than that of our Wan family.”

“If we were to fight hard, even if our Wan Family could win, we would definitely pay a painful price.”

“By then, it would only give others the opportunity to completely wipe out the Wan Family!”

Wan Yongfeng lowered his head, his face full of shame, “Father, I know I’m wrong!”

Elder Wan said in a deep voice, “I have told you time and again that you are the head of the Wan family, you must put the greater good first!”

“Ai, in this regard, you haven’t done as well as Divine Doctor Lin!”

Wan Yongfeng scratched his head, “What’s wrong?”

Master Wan was speechless and shook his head, “You, you, how can you make me say good things about you!”

“Don’t you see it yet?”

“Lin Mo is actually helping our Wan family today by pleading on behalf of Zhu Yeqing!”

Wan Yongfeng: “Huh?”

“How is this …… helping our Wan Family?”

Elder Wan glared at him, “Let me ask you, if Lin Mo doesn’t ask for mercy, what are you going to do with Bamboo Yeqing!”

Wan Yongfeng: “I ……”

He was stumped for a moment, not knowing what to say.

Bamboo Ye Qing was Zhang Bailing’s favourite disciple, if anything happened to him, then Zhang Bailing would definitely fight with the Wan family.

As the head of the family, he couldn’t really do such a thing!

But if he didn’t kill Zhu Yeqing, what should he do then? He couldn’t just let her go, could he?

If he did, then the Wan Family would lose all its face.

If word got out, others would think that the Wan Family was afraid of the Hundred Victory Sword King, Zhang Bailing, and did not dare to harm Bamboo Yeqing, which was why they had to let her go.

If they did so, what prestige would the Wan Family have in the future?