Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1705

Chapter 1705

The crowd turned their heads to look, only to see Lin Mo walking out of the inner courtyard.

The Wan family were all surprised, and one of them said in a low voice, “Divine Doctor Lin, don’t go over there.”

“Our family head will give you face, but that Zhang Jiuduan is a bandit by birth, he won’t give you face.”

Everyone else nodded along.

Lin Mo had saved the Wan family’s old man, and the Wan family people were respectful to him, but that didn’t mean that Zhang Jiuduan would listen to him.

However, just then, an unexpected situation also happened.

After Zhang Jiu Duan and Wan Yongfeng threw a punch at each other, both of them stepped back at the same time and unexpectedly stood still and did not strike again.

Wan Yongfeng stared at Zhang Jiuduan warily, he was really giving Lin Mo face before stopping, he was still worried that Zhang Jiuduan would continue to strike.

Zhang Jiu Duan, on the other hand, looked at Lin Mo and frowned, “Divine Doctor Lin, why are you here?”

At these words, all the people of the Wan Family were in an uproar.

What was this situation?

Zhang Jiu Duan actually gave Lin Mo face as well and really stopped?

Wan Yongfeng was also a little confused.

After Elder Wan had been injured by Zhang Bailing, he had dealt with Zhang Jiu Duan several times and was well aware of this man’s character.

Ordinary people, he would not put in his eyes at all.

In his opinion, there were not many people who could make Zhang Jiuduan stop.

Even the Wan family’s old man might not be able to make Zhang Jiuduan stop with a single word!

How had this Lin Mo managed to do that?

Little did they know that Zhang Jiuduan’s life had been saved by Lin Mo.

Putting aside other things, Zhang Jiuduan still had some admiration for Lin Mo in his heart.

Moreover, when Zhang Jiu Duan was told about what happened last time, he knew that Lin Mo had given up the chance to run over Zhang Jiu Duan in order not to hurt that little girl.

This, too, made Zhang Jiu Duan look at Lin Mo in a very positive light!

His sister had been taken away by those human traffickers back then, and he had a deep hatred for those traffickers.

What Lin Mo had done had even gained his respect!

That was why Zhang Jiuduan had given Lin Mo this face.

Lin Mo walked onto the spot and stood between Wan Yongfeng and Zhang Jiu Duan, arching his hand and saying, “Thank you both very much.”

Wan Yongfeng nodded, still eyeing Zhang Jiu Duan intently, “Divine Doctor Lin, you should be careful of this person.”

“Last time they went to Su Province, it was to try to assassinate you.”

Lin Mo smiled, “It doesn’t matter.”

“I have no grudge against Brother Zhang Jiu, he was trying to kill me for the greater good.”

“But, now that Master Wan’s illness has been cured, there is no point in killing me anymore!”

A brilliant aura flashed in Zhang Jiuduan’s eyes, “You cured Old Man Wan?”

The surrounding Wan family members shouted angrily, “How do you speak?”

Zhang Jiu Duan was not afraid in the slightest, he gave Lin Mo a deep look and nodded slowly, “You do see things thoroughly.”

“Hmph, you’re right.”

“If you cure old man Wan, there’s no point in me killing you again.”

“Tell me, what exactly do you want to tell me?”

Lin Mo: “Brother Zhang Jiu, Bamboo Leaf Green is no longer in the Wan family.”

“It was Wan Lao himself who spoke up and had her released!”

“However, the wounds on her body have not yet healed.”

“She has many enemies, I think, you should hurry to find her and escort her back to Shu Zhong!”

Zhang Jiuduan’s face changed: “You …… are telling the truth?”

Lin Mo: “A thousand times true!”

Zhang Jiuduan stared at Lin Mo for a while before finally nodding, “Good!”

“Let’s go!”

With those words, Zhang Jiu Duan simply turned around and left.

When Wan Yongfeng wanted to open his mouth to stop him, Lin Mo hurriedly stopped him, “Master Wan, today is a great day for Old Man Wan to recover, why do you need to get angry?”

Wan Yongfeng sighed and gritted his teeth, “Since it was Divine Doctor Lin who asked for it, then I will give you this face.”

“Zhang Jiu Duan, this matter, my Wan family is on the books!”

“I will definitely settle the score with you when I have the chance in the future!”

Zhang Jiuduan sneered, “Anytime!”