Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1704

Chapter 1704

Wan Yongfeng shouted angrily, “Zhang Jiu Duan, you are sick, aren’t you?”

“Your sister isn’t even in my Wan family, so who are you to come to me for someone?”

Zhang Jiuduan said angrily, “Bullshit!”

“I have long investigated clearly, your Wan Family has put out seventeen guest ministers, set a trap and took my sister away.”

Wan Yongfeng said angrily, “We did capture her, but we had already released her before.”

Zhang Jiuduan laughed coldly, “Wan Yongfeng, do you really think that I am a three-year-old child who is fooled by a few words from you?”

“I tell you, either you hand over my sister or, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

With Zhang Jiuduan’s angry shout, those five people around him all took up a fighting stance as well.

Looking at that stance, as long as Zhang Jiu Duan gave the order, they would fight for their lives with these people from the Wan Family.

Wan Yongfeng was also furious: “Zhang Jiuduan, do you really think I’m afraid of you?”

“Since you don’t believe what I said, then let’s go by our own abilities!”

Zhang Jiuduan laughed out loud, “Good!”

“I’d like to see how strong you, the Wan Family Head, really are!”

With those words, Zhang Jiu Duan made a fierce dash forward, striding more than ten meters in three steps, jumping up and down as if a great kite was in the air, directly pouncing on Wan Yongfeng.

When Zhang Jiuduan was still two metres away from Wan Yongfeng, the strong wind already caused Wan Yongfeng’s clothes to shake.

The crowd around him was shocked.

Everyone knew that Zhang Jiuduan was extremely strong, but no one knew how strong he really was.

Only now that he had struck did the crowd truly realise how terrifying this man’s strength really was!

Faced with this powerful strike from Zhang Jiuduan, Wan Yongfeng did not show any weakness either, tilting his head back and shouting, “Good timing!”

As he spoke, Wan Yongfeng crouched down slightly on both knees and met him with his right fist at the same time.

The floor beneath Wan Yongfeng’s feet was shattered and Zhang Jiuduan was also shaken and sent flying backwards.

The two men’s faces turned red at the same time, and the tremendous impact made both of them feel their Qi and blood boiling inside their bodies.

However, the two of them quickly recovered to normal.

“The Wan Family Head, you really have some skills!”

Zhang Jiu Duan shouted coldly as he once again charged towards Wan Yongfeng.

Wan Yongfeng did not show any weakness and said aloud, “Shu Zhong Zhang Jiu Duan, worthy of being the successor of the Hundred Victory Blade King!”

As the words were spoken, the two fought together once more.

Zhang Jiu Duan’s martial arts skills were somewhat different from those of Huo Hua.

Huo Hua majored in Southern Fist, with Wing Chun as his main style, and was extremely fast and flexible in his moves.

Zhang Jiuduan, on the other hand, is tall and strong, and his strikes are extremely heavy, mainly in the northern fist.

Every strike of Zhang Jiuduan is like a heavy hammer strike, with terrifying power.

Wan Yongfeng, on the other hand, cultivated the secret techniques of the Wan family, and his gong methods were strange and extremely powerful.

Neither of them would let anyone go, and they kept blasting each other with heavy punches. The powerful force forced the surrounding crowd to retreat, and no one dared to approach the battlefield.

With the power of these two men, no one dared to come close, for if they were to receive a punch accidentally, they might have to die here!

The battle lasted for nearly two minutes, and the two men were fighting harder and harder, completely fighting for their lives.

The people on the Wan family’s side, as well as Zhang Jiuduan’s men, were all looking fearful.

If the fight continued like this, at least one of the two men would have to fall.

The crowd wanted to persuade these two, but, at this time, who could stop these two?

If Master Wan was still injured, he would be able to stop these two men.

However, Master Wan is not yet healed, so who can stop these two?

Did it mean that one of these two people had to die here today?

Just at this urgent moment, a voice suddenly came from within the courtyard, “Master Wan, Brother Zhang Jiu, can you give me, Lin Mo, the face to stop for now and listen to my words?”