Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1702

Chapter 1702

Hearing this, several members of the Vanguard family were confused.

“This …… is bruised blood?”

Wan Yongfeng was full of amazement, the bruised blood just came out?

Previously, those divine doctors, with all their methods, had not been able to drain this bruised blood in the slightest.

This time, Lin Mo had squeezed all the blood into this position?

Lin Mo nodded his head: “That’s right.”

“When I placed the needles just now, I did not cure the disease, but rather urged the internal energy within Elder Wan’s body.”

“This blocked blood was pushed to this location by his internal force.”

Wan Yongfeng looked at Elder Wan, who nodded, “I feel the internal force moving.”

Wan Yongfeng was even more shocked, this technique of Lin Mo’s was too divine, right?

Duke Wan: “So what now?”

Lin Mo: “Just pierce this bulge and drain the bruised blood out.”

Wan Yongfeng’s eyes widened, “Huh?”

Lin Mo gave him a look, “What’s wrong with that?”

Wan Yongfeng: “No, is this …… so simple?”

“Divine Doctor Lin, I …… my father has been sick for over a year ah ……”

Lin Mo: “The thing about medical skills like this is not how long you’ve been sick, or whether your illness is serious, the most crucial thing is whether you can treat the right symptoms.”

“What’s wrong with being sick for over a year?”

Master Wan nodded, “Divine Doctor Lin is right.”

“When a doctor treats a disease, treating the right symptoms is the most crucial.”

Wan Yongfeng: “Uh, I …… I just can’t believe it a bit.”

“Divine Doctor Lin, so …… then let’s puncture this bulge now?”

Lin Mo nodded, and he lifted that basin up and aimed it at the location of the bulge.

Then, he took out a relatively thick silver needle and slowly picked this bulge through.

The moment the bulge broke off, a stream of bruised blood shot straight out, smashing a hole in that basin.

Wan Yongfeng’s eyes widened, “How could this happen?”

Lin Mo: “Wan Lao’s internal force is pushing behind it.”

Wan Yongfeng was suddenly enlightened.

Not long after, the bruises were all drained.

Lin Mo pulled off all those silver needles from Wan Lao’s body.

“It’s done.”

“Wan Lao, you can try it out and see how the internal energy works.”

Lin Mo said.

Wan Lao had a surprised look on his face, “This is fine?”

“I …… haven’t dared to move my internal energy for the past year.”

Lin Mo laughed, “Just try it and you’ll see.”

Wan Lao also said no more and silently used his inner strength.

After a few moments, Wan Lao immediately opened his eyes in surprise, “It’s really better.”

“I …… my internal energy, there is no more bruising.”

Hearing this, several members of the Wan family immediately shouted out in joy.

Wan Yongfeng even said excitedly, “Divine Doctor Lin, thank you so much, thank you so much!”

“You …… have really helped our Wan Family a lot!”

Duke Wan also looked at Lin Mo and said sincerely, “Brother Lin, thank you!”

Lin Mo nodded with a light smile, “No need to be polite!”

“Right, I’ll write a prescription, you take this prescription and decoct the medicine for the old man.”

“Within a week, old man Wan will be able to heal.”

“Moreover, the strength will definitely be able to return to its peak state!”

Wan Yongfeng was even more surprised to the extreme.

One had to know that not only was Old Master Wan the most prestigious person in the Wan Family, but most crucially, he was also the strongest person in the Wan Family.

Although he had been injured by Hundred Victory Blade King Zhang Bailing, it did not mean that he was weak.

On the contrary, none of those who could become the Six Kings of the World were weak, they were all at the Patriarch level!

The fact that Old Master Wan fought against the Hundred Victory Blade King and managed to return to the Wan family despite being wounded is a testament to his strength.

If he could regain his peak strength, then the Wan family’s position among the top ten families in China would be secure!

Lin Mo brought a pen and paper and wrote down a prescription with a swish of his pen.

He handed the prescription to Duke Wan and instructed her on how to decoct the medicine.

With the prescription in hand, Duke Wan listened carefully to Lin Mo’s instructions and looked at him with eyes that were always shining.