Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1701

Chapter 1701

Wan Yongfeng Wan Gongzi was all wide-eyed.

“Is it that urgent?”

“What happens if it takes more than five seconds?”

Wan Yongfeng exclaimed.

Lin Mo: “If the needle can be placed within five seconds, then Wan Lao will be able to recover completely within a week.”

“If it takes more than five seconds, he’ll have to wait a month to heal!”

Several members of the Wan family breathed a sigh of relief, they were expecting some kind of accident to occur if they exceeded five seconds.

Elder Wan said, “Doctor Lin, you don’t need to be stressed.”

“I’ve been injured for over a year now, I don’t care whether I recover in a week or a month.”

“To recover is lucky for me!”

Lin Mo smiled, “Since I promised to help you, I will definitely do my best.”

“Miss Wan, put your hand in this position, don’t move!”

Duke Wan nodded obediently.

Lin Mo grasped the eight silver needles with both hands and his eyes became serious. He took a deep breath and suddenly struck out, stabbing each of the eight silver needles, into the eight acupuncture points on Master Wan’s chest.

Next to him, Wan Yongfeng watched with wide eyes, as Lin Mo’s speed in placing the needles was extremely fast, simply giving him a feeling of dazzlement.

Moreover, he could see very clearly that Lin Mo’s eight needles were stuck in the correct acupuncture points, without the slightest mistake.

Wan Yongfeng couldn’t help but be shocked, this needle placement technique alone was not comparable to that of ordinary divine doctors!

After the eight needles had fallen, Lin Mo immediately raised his hand and removed all five silver needles from Duke Wan’s hand.

These five silver needles were precisely placed in the five acupuncture points near Master Wan’s abdomen.

Duke Wan’s breathing stalled, his eyes only seeing Lin Mo’s rapid needle dropping movements.

In almost an instant, all five needles fell down.

Only at this moment did Lin Mo let out a long breath, “It’s done!”

Master Wan Yongfeng Wan was all shocked.

Just now, these five needles had all gone in within about three seconds.

Lin Mo’s technique was too divine, right?

For her part, Duke Wan was overjoyed and clapped her hands happily, “Brother Lin, that’s great!”

Seeing this look on Duke Wan’s face, Wan Yongfeng and Elder Wan could not help but glance at each other, both of them having more smiles in their eyes.

Especially Wan Yongfeng, the way he looked at Lin Mo was also much softer.

This daughter of his had always treated herself as a boy since she was young, and had always yelled that she would never marry anyone in her life.

For so many years, he had a lot of headaches over this matter.

He often found some young talents to come to the house, trying to impress Wan Gongzi.

But after all these years, there was not a single man who could make her look at him.

He once doubted that he, his daughter, would never like any man in her life!

But now, seeing the way the Duke of Wan looked at Lin Mo, his heart was much more at ease.

It wasn’t that she wouldn’t like any man, it was just that she hadn’t yet met the man who could make her like him!

Wan Yongfeng smiled, “Divine Doctor Lin, is this even a cure?”

Lin Mo shook his head, “Of course not, the bruises haven’t been drained yet.”

“You go and find a basin.”

Wan Yongfeng immediately ran out, and before long, brought over a basin.

And at that moment, Master Wan said, “Doctor Lin, why does my stomach itch a little?”

Lin Mo: “Itchy is right.”

Saying that, he lifted up Master Wan’s clothes to reveal his belly.

When Wan Yongfeng next to him took a look, he couldn’t help but exclaim: “What’s going on with this ……?”

Duke Wan could also see really well, on Master Wan’s belly, a bulge roughly the size of a quail’s egg now appeared.

This bulge was still different from a normal lump, this bulge was blood red and looked as if it was covered in a ball of blood.

Lin Mo pointed at the bulge, “This is the bruised blood in your body.”