Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1700

Chapter 1700

Wan Yongfeng said excitedly, “Divine Doctor Lin, how can I get this blocked blood out?”

Lin Mo walked over to Old Master Wan: “Old Master, you should lie down first.”

Old Master Wan immediately laid down on the sofa next to him.

Wan Yongfeng followed by his side, seeing Lin Mo pull out the silver needle bag from his body, he couldn’t help but say, “Divine Doctor Lin, do you want me to bring the test results?”

“We took the film, it has the location of the bruises and the location of my father’s injuries ……”

Lin Mo waved his hand straight away, “No need!”

Wan Yongfeng froze for a moment, “Huh?”

Duke Wan also whispered, “Divine Doctor Lin, the location of my grandfather’s injuries, and the location of the bruises, are not together ……”

Lin Mo: “I know.”

“The location of his injury is in his left ribs, and the bruise is under his small abdomen.”

Wan Yongfeng immediately looked at Duke Wan, who looked bewildered and shook his head at him, indicating that he hadn’t mentioned this at all.

Wan Yongfeng was confused, “Divine Doctor Lin, you …… have studied my father’s injury before?”

“Other doctors have mentioned it to you?”

Lin Mo: “No.”

Wan Yongfeng was even more confused: “Then how did you know the location of his injury, and the location of the bruises?”

Lin Mo: “Your Wan family’s internal energy techniques are different from other internal energy techniques.”

“Normal internal gong mind techniques are based on the dantian, with internal energy running around the body.”

“The Wan Family Internal Martial Arts Heart Technique, with the force stored in the meridians, runs around the body with the five organs as the centre.”

“That is to say, in the Wan Family internal martial arts, the five viscera are the strongest and the Dantian is the weaker.”

“If the practice is still shallow, then it is just as well, as internal energy tends to accumulate in all positions around the body.”

“However, if one has been cultivating for a long time and has deep internal energy, it will be difficult for internal energy to accumulate.”

“Especially in a case like Master Wan’s, unless the five internal organs are injured, it would be difficult for internal energy to accumulate.”

“Therefore, the location of Master Wan’s injury should be near his chest.”

“And Master Wan’s left ribs are slightly sunken, plus his voice is weak and he obviously has stagnant silt in his dantian.”

“Therefore, the comprehensive judgment is that the location of his injury is in his left ribs, and the location of the stagnation is in the Dantian of his small abdomen.”

An explanation made several people at the scene of the Wan family directly all round their eyes.

Even Elder Wan was full of incredulity as he looked at Lin Mo.

Only after a long time did Elder Wan arch his hand, “Divine Doctor Lin, you are truly a divine being!”

Wan Yongfeng was even more full of sighs of admiration: “Divine Doctor Lin, I’m convinced! I am truly convinced!”

“Now, it seems that those so-called divine doctors before are nothing compared to you!”

Lin Mo smiled humbly, “There may be highs and lows in medical skills, but as long as they can be used to heal the sick and save people, they are healers!”

Master Wan gave Lin Mo a deep look and nodded, “Divine Doctor Lin, in my lifetime, there are not many people I admire.”

“But you are the first young man who has convinced me and made me admire him to the core of my being!”

“Compared to you, these decades of my life are simply a waste of time!”

Wan Yongfeng nodded his head repeatedly, and he too treated Lin Mo with the utmost respect.

As for Duke Wan, she even looked straight at Lin Mo.

At this moment, she only felt that Lin Mo’s entire body seemed to be radiating and glowing.

Lin Mo smiled, “Old Man Wan is joking.”

“Old Master, get ready, junior is about to place the needle!”

Old Master Wan nodded as he relaxed and lay back.

In the past, when those doctors had treated him, he had been more nervous, as he was prone to worry about causing a backlash because of the Wan Family’s Internal Energy Heart Technique.

This time, facing Lin Mo, he was more down-to-earth than ever.

Lin Mo took out thirteen silver needles and handed five of them to Duke Wan: “You hold them for me first, and place your hand in this position.”

“After I have placed the first eight needles, you must, within five seconds, stab these five needles in as well, there must not be the slightest mistake in timing!”