Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1699

Chapter 1699

Zhu Yeqing disdained, “I don’t need your kindness.”

Wan Yongfeng was so angry that his face turned blue, yet there was nothing he could do to her.

At this moment, Lin Mo walked over, he took out a porcelain bottle from his body and handed it to Zhu Yeqing, “Zhu Yeqing, this bottle of medicine, it is used to heal injuries with miraculous effect, it can also help one recover strength as soon as possible.”

Zhu Yeqing was about to refuse when Lin Mo said directly, “Don’t worry, this medicine is not for you.”

“This bottle of medicine is for Zhang Jiu Duan.”

“If I promise to cure him, I have to do what I say.”

Zhu Yeqing looked at Lin Mo and then at the bottle of medicine, before finally reaching out and accepting it.

In the back, Elder Wan smiled and had Zhu Yeqing’s long sword sent to her, releasing her from the Wan family compound.

After taking care of these matters, Wan Yongfeng immediately looked at Lin Mo nervously.

“Divine Doctor Lin, this time, thank you so much for what happened.”

“Actually, I originally planned to make a trip to Guang Province myself and invite you to treat my father.”

“This time, I didn’t know you were coming over, so I’m sorry for missing out on welcoming you!”

Wan Yongfeng’s tone was humble, and to put it bluntly, he wanted to beg Lin Mo to treat Old Master Wan’s illness.

Lin Mo smiled lightly, “Don’t worry.”

“I promised Duke Wan …… er, Miss Wan a long time ago.”

“I promised Miss Wan a long time ago that I would cure Master Wan, so I definitely won’t go back on my word.”

Wan Yongfeng was overjoyed and arched his hands repeatedly, “Many thanks to Divine Doctor Lin, many thanks to Divine Doctor Lin!”

“Divine Doctor Lin, I will now have someone bring you the old master’s examination report, as well as the previous treatment plan?”

Lin Mo waved his hand, “There’s no need to go to such trouble.”

“It’s not a serious illness for the old master, it’s just an accumulation of internal injuries, plus your Wan Family’s internal energy technique is rather unique, causing the stagnant blood in his body to remain wrapped in internal energy and unable to be expelled.”

“Just need to expel this blocked blood, and he will recover!”

Wan Yongfeng’s eyes widened, and beside him, Elder Wan’s eyes also lit up.

Many doctors had come before, and most of them had only said that Master Wan was suffering from the accumulation of stagnant blood in his body.

And those doctors, with all their means, could not get rid of this blocked blood.

Later, they also invited those famous divine doctors from the southern six provinces, but all of them were also at their wits’ end.

Together, they were unable to figure out the true cause of Master Wan’s illness.

They only knew that he had fallen ill because the blood could not be drained out, but they did not know why the blood could not be drained out.

Master Wan and Wan Yongfeng, the two of them knew in their hearts that this was the result of the Wan Family’s internal gong heart technique.

The Wan Family Internal Martial Arts Method was very different from other internal martial arts, and its power was extremely strong and domineering, but it was extremely easy for internal power to accumulate in the body, so even the Wan Family had to be careful when they practised it.

This time, Master Wan was injured by someone and his body was bruised, and it so happened that the internal energy accumulated near this bruise, causing his injury to remain unhealed.

Moreover, Master Wan had practiced martial arts for many years and his internal energy was profound to the extreme.

His internal energy was wrapped around the blocked blood, and it was difficult to expel the blocked blood by normal methods.

The so-called miracle doctors had exhausted all their methods before, but they could not drain the blood, so naturally they could not cure Master Wan’s illness.

The Wan family exhausted all their options and could only temporarily use the blood ginseng to preserve Master Wan’s life.

However, the blood ginseng was too hot and although it could save his life, the after-effects were also very heavy, which led to the deterioration of Master Wan’s health.

This time, Lin Mo had actually seen the crux of Master Wan’s body at a glance, which also surprised Wan Yongfeng and Master Wan.

They had to know that other divine doctors, even if they went through the examination results, could not see where this problem was.

This Lin Mo was a true divine doctor!