Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1698

Chapter 1698

Facing this highly respected Old Master Wan, Lin Mo did not dare to be negligent and hastily bent down to pay his respects: “Junior Lin Mo, pay my respects to Old Master!”

Old Master Wan waved his hand and smiled, “Divine Doctor Lin is too polite.”

“I should be the one to thank you.”

“Counting up, you’ve pulled me back from the ghost gate twice.”

“If it weren’t for you, my old bones would probably be in the ground by now!”

“Divine Doctor Lin’s medical skills really make old people admire him to the core!”

Lin Mo hurriedly said, “Old master has overstated his case.”

After a few pleasantries, Old Master Wan also expressed his gratitude to Lin Mo.

After that, he asked Duke Wan to take Lin Mo down to rest, and then set up a banquet to entertain him later.

However, Lin Mo did not follow and leave.

He looked at the bamboo leaf green on the ground and hesitated slightly before finally asking, “Elder Wan, what are you going to do with the bamboo leaf green?”

Elder Wan’s eyes closed slightly, “My granddaughter is fine, and she certainly doesn’t need to die.”

“However, a deadly crime can be spared, but a living crime is hard to escape.”

“If you want to kill someone from my Wan family, you have to pay a price after all!”

Zhu Yeqing’s face was cold, with just a cold smile wiping across the corner of his mouth, as if he didn’t care at all about his own life or death.

Lin Mo took a deep breath and suddenly bowed, “Elder Wan, junior has an unpleasant request, I wonder if I can speak?”

Elder Wan: “There is no harm in saying it, Divine Doctor Lin.”

Lin Mo nodded, “Elder Wan, I dare to ask Elder Wan for a favour, to beg Elder Wan to let Bamboo Leaf Green go.”

Elder Wan’s eyes immediately opened, and beside him, Wan Yongfeng and Duke Wan were all frozen.

Duke Wan said urgently, “Brother Lin, why are you helping her? She’s trying to kill you!”

“This Bamboo Leaf Green, with her malicious heart and ruthless methods, simply deserves to die.”

“If we let her go this time, she …… will definitely still come after you in the future, aren’t you putting up a big enemy for yourself?”

Even Zhu Yeqing looked at Lin Mo in surprise, she frowned and said in a deep voice, “Surnamed Lin, if you’re pleading for me because I spared you last time, that’s not necessary.”

“As I said, I only spared you that one time, and you don’t need to thank me.”

“Even if you helped me today, I wouldn’t appreciate it!”

“The next time I meet you, I will kill you just the same!”

Lin Mo waved his hand, “I’m not asking for mercy for you because you spared me last time.”

“I’m pleading for you on behalf of those children you saved!”

Lin Mo had already gotten the news and knew that Zhu Yeqing had wiped out all those human trafficking gangs in that city, and had also rescued those children who had been trafficked.

Zhu Yeqing was stunned, she did not expect that Lin Mo was helping her for this matter.

Elder Wan stroked his palm and smiled, “Divine Doctor Lin, you really have my growing admiration!”

“Full of compassion, a healer with a kind heart, how many years has it been since an old man has met a young man like you!”

“Hahahaha, wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!”

“Divine Doctor Lin, if you were pleading on her behalf for something else, I might not have let her go.”

“But, for this matter, I will give you this face today, no matter what.”

“Yongfeng, untie her and return her belongings to her.”

“Also, have Old Wu personally lead the team and send her out of the Southeast Province.”

“Remember, protect her all around!”

Wan Yongfeng looked a little reluctant, but nodded, “Yes, Father!”

He waved his hand and a few men went over and untied the ropes from Zhu Yeqing’s body.

Bamboo Yeqing stood up and said in a cold voice, “Just give me back my sword, no need to send someone to escort me!”

“I, Bamboo Leaf Green, don’t need anyone to escort me!”

Wan Yongfeng couldn’t help but be angry, “Bamboo Leaf Green, don’t go too far.”

“My father has good intentions, that’s because you have too many enemies and are afraid you’ll die in the Southeast Province!”

“You really think we’re happy to send you off?”