Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1696

Chapter 1696

When Seventh Uncle and the others saw this, they were all overjoyed.

Seventh Uncle jumped out at the first opportunity and exclaimed, “Wan Zifeng, how dare you!”

“How dare you use such a crooked technique to control the family head and issue the family head order? You are simply using the Family Head’s Order without authority, do you know that this is a capital offence!”

“Someone, execute this beast according to the family rules!”

The crowd around them looked at each other, they were at a bit of a loss as to what to do.

After all, it was still Wan Yongfeng who was really in charge of the Wan family right now. Wan Yongfeng still held the family head’s order in his hand, and now that he hadn’t spoken, who dared to say anything?

Wan Zifeng was now trembling with fear and collapsed to the ground, unable to say a word.

The Shadowless Compulsion was his last reliance and his last trump card.

Now that even this trump card was gone, he knew that he was in great danger.

Seeing that no one was acting, Seventh Uncle immediately winked at a few people around him and told them to go and kill Wan Zifeng.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, killing Wan Zifeng would greatly weaken Wan Yongfeng’s strength!

A few of Seventh Uncle’s cronies immediately struck out, and all together they surrounded and killed towards Wan Zifeng.

Wan Zifeng tried desperately to resist, but his strength was already average, so how could he be a match for these men?

Within a few blows, Wan Zifeng was knocked to the ground and both his arms were broken.

Seventh Uncle’s eldest son, standing behind him, quietly struck out and struck a heavy blow to Wan Zifeng’s spine at his back.

With a scream, Wan Zifeng fell straight to the ground, vomiting blood from his mouth, unable to get up again.

The others were about to strike when a frail voice rang out, “Stop!”

When the crowd heard the voice, they were all startled and looked up.

They saw an old man with white hair at the entrance of the house, being helped to come in.

Seventh Uncle’s face changed and he hurriedly greeted him, arching his hand and saying, “Big Brother, you …… Why have you come out?”

When the rest of the Wan family saw this old man, they all looked respectful as well, bending down and calling out in unison, “Old Master!”

This person, was none other than the Wan Family’s old master, the most prestigious person in the Wan Family, and the true controller of the Wan Family!

Don’t look at how rampant Seventh Uncle was, even daring to confront the Wan Family Head.

However, he still immediately wilted at the sight of the Wan Family’s Elder.

The prestige of the Wan Family’s old master in the Wan Family was not comparable to any of them at all.

The old master walked with difficulty to the middle of the inner courtyard with the help of a few people.

Wan Zifeng fell to the ground, vomiting blood from his smooth mouth, his face full of pain, and raised his head with difficulty to look at the old master, his eyes full of pleading.

“Father, save …… save me ……”

Now, his spine was broken and he had basically lost his ability to move.

The people who had just injured Wan Zifeng now had some trepidation on their faces, fearing that the old man would pursue them.

Seventh Uncle stood next to him and whispered, “Big Brother, what Zifeng has done is simply outrageous to God and man ……”

The old man waved his hand and sighed, “You don’t need to say anything.”

“I know all about what happened!”

“He can’t blame anyone else for ending up in this situation, he is to blame and deserves it!”

Seventh Uncle breathed a long sigh of relief, he was still worried that the old man would pursue this matter.

The old man walked over to Wan Zifeng and sighed despondently, “Zifeng, Zifeng, you said your big brother didn’t want to help you take revenge.”

“But, do you know that your big brother has his own difficulties?”

“Your big brother is the head of the Wan family, he has to think about the bigger picture when he does things after all.”

“It would have been wrong for you to force yourself to stand up for someone in the Su Province.”

“Could it be that you want your big brother to go and settle accounts with Huo Hua over this matter?”

“If you really do that, for one thing, that would be offending even Xue Laowu.”

“Secondly, if word got out, it would only make people say that my Wan family members are brutal and overbearing, and unruly.”